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Advice on ABBH 10x5


This is my first time through ABBH1, I'm in to the 3rd week. So far it's great but I'm now having trouble making it to 5 reps when I get up to my higher sets on the bench press. I was fine with the 10x3 and 10x4 but now in order to complete 10x5 I had to drop about 20 pounds around the 7th set. Is this okay?

Should I be dropping the weight to complete the 5 reps or just doing as many reps as I can without dropping the weight. This would probably end up being 2 or 3 reps.

Thanks for the help


I would honestly myself say drop the reps and keep the load high. Just for the sake and purpose of this program dont go to failure, and try and advance every w/o be it by load rasied or reps at set load raised..

But, I imagine both are viable choices. I am thinking dont quote me however, that Chad had previously said to Drop the weight.

All in all it sounds like the weight chosen may just be to high all together.

Clear as Mud HUH??

Hope it helps somehow,


I believe this happens to many who try the program. It is quite difficult to lift 80% 50 times.

It happened to me also, and I was getting plenty of food and even more sleep.


This is a somewhat common obstacle that trainee's can face. The problem is in the initial load selection. For you, it might have been a tad too high. But don't fret, just drop the load enough to meet the 10x5 prescription. The fact that you were able to perform 10x3 and 10x4 is a good sign. Keep it up.