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Advice on a Winging Scapula

Ok so heres the deal, ive seen a physio about 3 times. I first visited the phys for
advice on some shoulder pain i had been experiancing. They examined me and found i
had a slight winging of the left scap.

I did some research of my own, read articles on this site and many others, and each
time i went back i asked stuff like ‘have i damaged my Thoratic nerve’ the
phys prodded about and done some stuff and came to the conclusion that i hadnt.

I should mention i have seen 3 different physio’s in 2 different gyms to get a broader
analysis (and to find out what reccomendations they give).

The first reccomended retraining the scap with small movements, some using a ball on a
surface and other stuff putting hand on wall and setting the scap then moving slightly.

The second reccomended a internal/external rotations in different postions with resistance

The third reccomended strengthening the serratus anterior, exercises such as scap push ups
and movements like in a bench press position with light Db’s protract and retract the
scap and also with a raised platform walk with your hands up and down.

So 3 different reccomendations, I just wanna get any feedback on here, with if possible people who have had a problem with a winging scap and how they went about curing problem. Currently I am doing the third reccomendation 3 times a week and feel it has helped a litte, the physio gave me no advice on whether to stop heavy lifting so i am still going heavy on bench
pressing etc.

From the research i have done it seems the only full remedy is surgeory but as thats
probably not an option i wanna do something to help sort it out

I have winged scapula too, for me its just bad posture that has caused muscle weakness. I started lifting heavy purely to try get rid of my affliction, but to no real avail. However, I have started to pack on some mass and it doesn’t look so obvious anymore. I need to work on my posture more.

Also, some people recommended face pulls in order to try and hit the lower traps. This should help a little.

Other than that, I don’t know. I could use some help too.

Yeah the physio said that i needed to work on my posture too. I work in an office
enviroment and wasnt sitting properly etc. Had a risk assessment done and got
my desk all properly sorted to help with posture whilst sitting, i also get up
alot more and move about making sure i aint slouching.

My ‘bad’ shoulder is the left side, i really wanna strengthen it all up because
im sure it is a contributing factor to some of my lifts not increasing (i could be
wrong). I sometimes notice especially with benching and doing chins my right shoulder
compensates for my weaker left side. The last thing i want is crap symetry and a massive
right pec and a small saggy left pec lol.

I work out from home with free weights only so not sure what i could do that would be the equivalent to a face pull.

Im currently trying to strengthen the serratus and i was doing some lower trap stretches.

but other than that im still just working through WS4SB3

anyone got any advice??? The problem is im not sure if this is a reason why things like my bench and rows are not increasing (i know there are many other reasons).

Should i be able to just work through it? continue what im doing and make sure for proper form to not aggrivate it more.

I have noticed whilst heavy deadlifting i feel some discomfort in the left shoulder. The following day i have some slight pain on the very top inside of the bicep, may be some kind of inpingement caused by the winging.