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Advice on a Test-E First Cycle


Hi guys.

I’ll be running 500mg test-e per week (injected 2x per week) for 10 weeks.

My plan is

Week 1-10 500mg test
Wait 2 weeks
2 weeks 40mg Nolva
2 weeks 20mg Nolva

My real question is, should I have either adex or aromasin on hand? Or would having extra nolva be enough?

If I could just use nolva as a possible anti-e during the cycle, how would I dose it?

My plan is to only use nolva/adex/aromasin during the cycle if I notice pretty bad sides. My test levels are pretty low and I’m a bit nervous about messing something up.


If you’re worried about messing something up then you should definitely control estrogen instead of waiting til you “notice pretty bad sides.” Your premise is flawed.

Running 500mg of test and using a SERM to control sides is not a good plan. You won’t have estrogen sides if you just control the estrogen to begin with, which is why you need to be running arimidex or aromasin from day 1.

What about hCG?


So your plan is to wait until you grow breasts to control your E?