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Advice on a Supplement for DOMS?


I have been switching my workout routines often and experiencing more DOMS than ever. I’m looking for any suggestions on good muscle recovery supplements without artificial sugars. I currently take plain protein powder and 1 gram of plain creatine a day. I think I may have to increase my creatine a bit as well. If it tastes like crap I can deal with that. If it’s pill form, even better.
Thank you for your help.


This sounds counter intuitive, but it worked for me.

Do the same movement multiple times in one week. If I squat once per week the DOMS is real. If I do one session of PL sets/reps and one session of BB sets/reps then some bodyweight squats on the weekend. Voila, no DOMS. Just my $.02.

Everyone here recommends Plazma from Biotest. But you said no sugar.


I actually like DOMS lol I just want to recover a little faster. I can take supplements with sugar, it’s just the artificial sugars that mess me up. I will look into the supplement you suggested.

Thank you :smile:


What is your definition of an artificial sugar? Do you mean isolated sugars that are taken out of plants and refined like glucose, sucrose and maltodextrin or are you talking about sugar substitutes (some of which are also sugars) that are low calorie sweeteners?


Vitamin C and glutamine - as much as you can afford to take.


Caveat with vitamin C. Titrate till you reach bowel tolerance. You will know when you get to “too much”.


I can’t have the same stuff that’s in sweeteners like equal, sweet n low, and spenda. I have not taken citrulline malate or beta alanine. Does anyone have experience taking these?

Vitamin c and glutamine are duly noted. Thank you


I’ve been drinking BCAAs during workouts plus a liquid vitamin supplement. Seems to help reduce DOMS


Curcumin is awesome for DOMS!


So Biotest and curcumin looked really good but decided on curcumin because of price and convenience. So I just placed an order. I will increase my vitamin c and I’m already taking glucosamine due to one bad knee. I do have plain BCAA powder but I’d rather take a pill lol. Thanks everyone for your help, I really appreciate it.