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Advice on a Program that Will Bring Up Lagging Legs?

Hey guys, i could do with some help if yall have a moment. Im trying to bring up my legs, im thinking BBB/BBS might work but despite following Jims programs, my legs lack behind my upper body.

Im squatting and deadlifting twice a week doing alternate supplemental after main lift work.
Surely this should be enough volume to incite hypertrophy? i dont do lower body assistance as i put so much effort into the squat and deadlift to bring up my legs they are totally wrecked after each session. Granted im not a advanced lifter, could anybody give me any program recommendations that might help in the leg growth department please?

Lagging legs? Look up the Hungarian oak leg workout. It will build your legs…

Legs can handle high reps and volume and will grow if you decide to put them to work.

You can run a 5x5 FSL for your upper body and a BBS/BBB for the lower body. I had the opposite problem (lagging upper body) for awhile and this worked really well for me.

“The leg program that worked too well” haha

Have you done that program before? After reading the article, I kind of want to try it…

Never tried it but it tempts me…

I’m thinking that or 100 day squats. For me in the near future

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Squat + squat Widowmaker on squat day
DL once every week Either pr or 5’s pro + FSL PR set + Squat 5x5 FSL

I set up mon tuesday thursday saturday.
OHP - Squat - bench - DL
On bench day use bulgarian split squat for assistance 3 sets high rep.
Legs like high rep.

So we have decided on our next program. Gonna do a 6 week squat brutality. I’ll post the details in my log… here is a pic of the board of what we wrote up…


Try the Boring But Big Challenge. Google should provide a link. Trying running that. Then 2 Leaders of BBS followed by one Anchor, then 2 Leaders of SSL, followed by one Anchor.

Or, you know, buy the ebook from the actual author of the program where it will be explained properly by the guy who wrote it, tested it and successfully trained others using it.

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He originally wrote and posted the BBB Challenge on T-nation.

It says in the program to refer to the book.

I found 1000% awesome to be pretty good for bringing up the legs.

add prowler push to BBB it will get results