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Advice on a Messed Up Cycle

New here and am enjoying all the info!

I have done a few cycles in the past years so I know some but not much.

I started taking cypiotest 250 a few weeks back and was taking 375mg every 10 days. When the 3rd week came I had no chance to get to my bottle of test.(long story) Its coming up on 3 weeks since I did any… So I guess my questions are:

Do I continue where I left off? How much if I do continue?

Do I stop and wait and start over at a different rate?

Is it bad If I start where I left off even though I have not touched it for a bit?

I feel it, I am feeling the horny-ness big time, ask my girl, lol… I am feeling a head change in the sports I am playing and a get a slight pump in the gym.

I am not looking to get huge, I just want that extra burst, that surge to get over my plateu on weights.

Thanks fella’s and any advice is great!


Well the title is better. Here’s something a little less dick. If you have this dilema of “not being able to get your stuff” WTF? Then don’t use long esters. Stick to short acting gear and maybe consider using orals.

Then again my first advice would be don’t use any AAS unless you pretty much damn well know you have everything laid out. ALthough sometimes life doesn’t allow that. Still I have to question why the fuck you’d do the cyle you did in the first place.

here here.

no I know… I messed up. It was not my choice to stop the stuff. Even if I had pills I would not have been able to take them. Sh1t, I could not have had creatine if I wanted. no what I am saying… It was not my choice to stop.

The reason I do the cypinate just to get the test jump and get over the hump that I reached. So what to do? anybody? Thanks

I don’t really know what to say bro. Have you ever used any supplements at all? I’m asking because if all you want to do is get over a “hump” or get a little test jump and increase your libido/drive in the gym I’d just use supplements. AAS are not something to just toy around with and that’s what you’re doing. I’m not being an asshole just telling it like it is. If you knew an adequate amount about aas you’d see what I’m saying is true. In the meantime I reccomend that you keep learning dont’ touch your bottle of testosterone cypionate and when you come up with a decent cycle including pct (which I haven’t heard to mention once) then come back and post it for all of us here to help you with. Or check out some supplements that might interest you and ask around. I can help you with that too.

its all good man! I have done some cycles in the past but just one kind at a time nothing stacked. I just wanted to get the test rise and get that feeling of power jump. I have HCG that can help me get back into the swing of things also. I did not want to get all kinds of gains just the test jump. Did not know it was the wrong thing to do. So I should stop? thanks bro

Oh yea’ Is out dated sh1t garbage? just toss it away? I have another bottle that expires the end of this month, just toss it?

later dood

As to wether or not that gear is good? I dunno, probably just keep it out of extreme temps. a few months is no biggie. The problem with your cyle is that nobody takes test once every 10 days unless they’re on hrt and even then it’s usually more like once a week or once every 2 weeks depending on the doctor. Otherwise 1 cc a week would have been ok for what you wanted, still it would be a waste of gear imo as you could probably get the boost you’d want without suppressing yourself or resorting to taking illegal aas. How old are you and what supplements have you ever tried?

I am 28 and have tried 19-nor, andro, all the basic test type along with creatine. I have not tried anything over the counter in a long time. What is good now a days?

Yea… I was reading the instructions that were in the package from upJohn on the cypionate and the way the docters were giving it to the patients was every 2-3 weeks for HCT. So I thought it was cool for me to do it every 10 days. Now I know man, I should have prepared myself better. Thanks bro!