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Advice on a Custom Program for a Cut?

I’m starting a cut and wanted to change up my program. I’ve been running and upper/lower for 4 months and decided to change up to a 3 day full body split. Here’s where I want to try something different and haven’t found any article regarding it. I want to superset my upper and lower. For instance a sample day would be
1a. Squat
1b. Pendlay Row
2a. Floor Press
2b. RDL
The rest would be either single sets for deadlifts and rack pulls or typical supersets with biceps/triceps, shoulders, etc… The main question is if anyone has tried supersets with upper/lower compound lifts. I even thought about playing around with rep ranges. 5-8, heavier uppers with 12-15 lowers for a period of time, then flip the rep ranges just to keep my body guessing. take care.