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Advice on a 3 Day Split...



i've been following the 3 day DC split for 5 blasts now. I really like DC but feel like i need to change it up a bit, for both mental and physical reasons. For one thing, I'm not a huge fan of performing Rest Pauses for every set. There have been times (especially with dumbells) where I found I got a much better set when taking a few more breaths and getting those few extra reps. Plus I would like to work in a little more volume. So anyways, I am looking for another 3 day split to follow for a couple of months.

Any suggestions?


i was thinking of a pretty standard push / pull / legs split, performing 3 'strength' movements followed by 3 'pump' movements per workout.

For example,

Push :
DB Bench / Standing Press / Dip > 3 sets x 4-6 reps (straight or rest/pause sets)
Cable flyes / rear laterals / tricep extensions > 3 sets x 8-12 reps

  • training min. 3 days a week - 4 days if time permits.
  • have 2 separate workouts to rotate week to week.
  • walking (NEPA) on off days.

good? bad?


You mean the DC 2-way, right? You do have the option to do 1-2 non-rest-paused sets on any exercise...
What do you weigh, how tall are you, and what numbers are you putting up?

Anyway, I'd suggest that you don't do all pushing muscles on the same day there (particularly when increasing the volume)... If you want to change stuff, go a little further and try

-Chest, Back(width and thickness), traps(whenever you don't do a deadlift variant for backthickness)
-Legs, Abs
-Delts, Bis, Tris (order depending on exercise selection. Free-weight CGP would go first, for example, while it's better to use, say, In-Human or Board presses if you're doing a heavy press for delts as your first exercise in the session)

If you want a little more info on split, amount of exercises etc, check the last page of my training thread... Just now busy putting that kind of split together for someone.


i'm 6' weigh around 230. I can dead 505 for 2 reps and I can squat 455 for a few. My incline bench is around 225 for a few and my military press is around 145 for 7ish.

yes, i meant to say the 2 way split - training 3 days a week. I like your suggestion very much. As you can see my pressing numbers are especially not very impressive and I would like to bring them up a bit. I feel that after I've done heavy chest presses my shoulder presses suffer drastically. I started rotating my workouts, so i would start with chest one workout and shoulders the next.

I'm assuming that's why you're suggesting to avoid doing all pushing movements the same day right?! or am i missing something?



Long arms?

A lot of workarounds for those issues have been discussed over at IM... And I think you should have waited a while before starting DC, anyway :wink:

Yeah, you can kind of do that with a low-volume routine or if you're a total freak, but with even slightly higher volume, the fatigue is just too great before you reach delts/tris. Not the only issue, though.

Well, do take a look at the split I posted in the other thread... Not too far from what Modok is doing, for example, just less volume and a bit more yates'ish.


thanks a lot. appreciate the advice.