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Advice on a 3 Day per Week Plan

I’m not exactly a beginner but the question is beginner enough. I am trying to sort out a good 3 day per week plan and I haven’t worked out only 3 days per week since middle school. I prefer a 4 day but with work and overtime I am seeing the gym less and less, so I think it is time to simplify things. My goals are strength and mass.

Right now I am debating between the following

  1. Legs, abs/core
  2. Chest & Back
    3, Bi’s & Tri’s

and shoulders will be somewhere in there, not sure what day?


  1. Legs, abs/core
  2. Chest, Tri’s
  3. Back, Bi’s

Once again, not sure where to put shoulders? Also would it be better to work arms after they have been hit with the larger muscle group or better to give them a day of there own to crush them while they are fresh.

Also, I have never had much luck training anything else with Legs, I am usually exhausted after a Leg workout.

I wouldn’t devote an entire day to arms if you are only training 3X/week. Personally, I would do the second routine and throw in shoulders with legs. Abs/core can be trained on any/all days.

isn’t push/pull/legs a popular 3x a week variation?

if you’re looking to include conditioning in your plan, defrancos’ built like a badass is a 3x a week program

Thanks for the responses, pcdude, you are right with only working out 3 days a week an arm day probably doesn’t need a space in it.

Right now I am looking into the Defrancos programs. In my line of work I really do need to incorporate some conditioning.

Built like a badass is an excellent program -go for it