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Advice on 5-Day Split (2x Week Muscle) Mass + Strength

Hello everybody, i really need advice on my 5 day split,hitting each part twice a week,

My age is 24, i have 1,86 cm and 220 lbs.

I cant train at weekends, so i only have monday to friday to workout, i cant take rest days at moment, feel really bad and no motivation…
i am suffering from depression at moment, and the only thing i really enjoy is going to gym, i try ocuppy my time, but dont works

I am doing SS, .i have a 385 lbs squat, 390 deadlift and 165 bench(stalling a lot )

Based on this i want focus on back and chest and arms(first on strength, second on aesthetics) i think i have pretty low strength on this areas

I cant do pull ups or chins ups, i already try, i dont do any acessory work at my current workout

Besides all this i lost i lot of weight on wrong diets come for 286 to 130 lbs and now i am 220 lbs, but never put back all my mass and strength back, i have extreme flabby chest, arms, ,calves abs , only body part that dont is saggy is my legs

My arms and chest is the most ridicilous area, i have pretty flacid triceps area, i dont look to have any mass on my arms, I consider doing surgery plastic, but first i want to try train hevy

i think in competing in powerlift, but at moment i want focus on build mass and strength, and improving my bench arms and back strenght,etc

I am consider doing bench twice, because a see information , about if u have problem increase bench, doing more would help

So this is my routine:

Monday - Legs/ Back / Traps
Tuesday - Chest/triceps/shoulders
Thursday- Chest/triceps/shoulders
Friday-Back/ Biceps / Traps

And the exercises


low bar quat 5x5
seated calf raise 4x10
stand calf raises 4x10
romanian dl 3x8

Pullups machine(alternating with chins) 2x10
rows 3x8
lat pulldowns 3x10
t bar row machine 3x10
hyperextensions 2x20
shrugs 3x10
abs ab wheel + planks


Bench 5x5
cgbp 3 x 8
ohp 3 x 8
dips 2x10
skullcrusher 3x8
tricep pushdown 2x10
lateral raises 3x8
face pulls 3x8


Front squat 5x5
leg press 3x10
standing calf 3x10
seated calf 3x10
stiff legg dleadlift 3x8

pullups machine (alternanting chins) 2x10

curls 2x10 + hammer curls 2x10
abs planks ab wheel
hyperextension 2x20

chest/triceps/shoulders >same tuesday

high bar squat 5x5
deadlift 3x5
pull ups machine ( alternating chins) 2x10
rows 3x8
lat pulldowns 3x10
cable row machine 3x10

curls 2x10 + hammer curls 2x10 + spider curls 2x10
shrugs 3x10
abs plank + ab wheel

Do a proper upper/lower routine like this instead…