Advice on 3rd Cycle?

Hi guys I’m new to this forum and wanting to see what you thought on my cycle and diet. I have done a few cycles but only with test and deca. the last cycle I had dianabol but didn’t get along with it. this cycle I have sust deca and anadraol I have started the cycle and no bad sides of the anadrol as of yet. I have started with 50mg a day took with food then after 2 weeks if I’m getting on ok still 100mg. deca is at 600 per week and sust 600 per week doing 2 injections a week. I am 29 5ft10 I weigh 13 and a half stone. body fat is 13% my current diet is

5am protein shake with 100grams rolled oats
8am 6egg omelette with Turkey, kale and a bagel with peanut butter
10am tuna sandwich
13.30pm chicken and chorizo with a cup of brown rice with another banana
16.00pm pre workout. protein shake with 50grams of rolled oats blended with fruit
19.00pm mince with either rice or pasta with plenty of veg.
21.00 before bed. 5egg omelette with cottage cheese on a bagel and a banana.

sorry for the essay just wanted to see if anything needs tweaking. thanks for any I put :slight_smile:

What were your previous dosages of test/deca? Did you get the results you were looking for? How long are you running the anadrol? Its pretty much peaked at 3 weeks so I don’t know about increasing the dosage, maybe stick with 50mg. Its already a pretty wet cycle. My only thoughts are that I’m not sure the deca needs to be ran that high, but I don’t know what you’ve done before. I would be more prone to increasing test and reducing deca, but that’s just me and I have had bad sides from deca.

Will only be running the a bombs for 4 to 5weeks don’t want to piss of my liver but taking quite a few liver protection protocols. my 1st was only 300 of deca and sust and yeah I got excatly what I wanted then my last cycle was 500 of each. tried adding dianabol but they made me feel sick when taking them so cut them out. I haven’t noticed any sides with test or deca as of yet anyway but they were all pretty low dosages. this is my biggest so far. what would you suggest for deca and test? I have heard a bombs suppress appetite when at a 100mg so I will stick with the 50 this cycle

If your diet, training and rest are on point I would do 500mg test Per week. Simple effective, sides easily controllable. Weight, body fat?

Okay my bad I totally missed the last part of your post about the weight and body fat haha…

weight is 13stone and half stone and body fat also around 13% I’m an ectomorph never hold much fat even on cycle

no worries man lol