Advice on 2nd Cycle

I am 18 years old looking to get a little bit more cut than I am now, and also get a pretty good mass gain. 210 lbs. I was given a bottle of Trenbolone Acetate 150mg/ml, a bottle of T-QUADRA Test 250mg/ml, and I also have Anastrozole .5mg tablets. I cant really find any information on the quadra test. This is my 2nd cycle. My first cycle was Test Enanthate 250 at 250mg/wk for 10 weeks. I would appreciate any advice on the dosages I should take and if this is even a good cycle… Thanks!


really what?

For an 18 year old the best cycle is one you do 4 years down the road.

But you already have the drugs so youre obviously not going to listen to that.

I think you are in the wrong place if you expect people here to design a cycle for an 18 year old kid.

alright well i thought i’d ask here and get some advice from someone who’s used these before i go out and just wing it. i know im going to get flamed a shit ton… but i dont really care. maybe theres at least one gentleman who would give me some good advice

I already gave you good advice.

You’re just reinforcing the notions about teenage children using these drugs by even suggesting that you’ll “just wing it”. Hopefully you grow up soon and start using your brain a little more.

[quote]roidnoob wrote:
maybe theres at least one gentleman who would give me some good advice[/quote]

Bonez did give you good advice. His advice is to wait. And considering his mild tempered response, he was a ‘gentleman’ about it.

Since you’re going to run it anyway, you NEED a SERM PCT. Read the “SERM and AI” sticky at the top of the forum since you have no idea what this is.

Serious question: What do you expect from a cycle with ONE bottle of test (that you don’t even know about) and ONE bottle of tren ace?

honestly thats why i posted on this forum… cause I don’t really know and i’d rather make sure of what im taking before i fuck myself over. and it’s not that hard for me to get another bottle of test if i need more for a cycle

btw thanks for tellin me about the serm pct

[quote]roidnoob wrote:
btw thanks for tellin me about the serm pct[/quote]

Lol, you act like he told you a secret that only super-heros know.

It was in the fucking stickies.

[quote]roidnoob wrote:
cause I don’t really know [/quote]

Ya don’t say.

What are your stats? height, weight, approximate BF%, lift numbers?