Advice Needed

hey guys im looking for some advice. I have just started Alessi’s Meltdown 2 programme and as per the requirements of the programme had to start utlizing both the overhead squat and the power snatch.

Now, my problem lies in not being able to keep my heels down in the overhead squat (even with minimal weight) and within the portion of the power snatch as you drive the weight overhead whilst semi squating.

Is this just a technique problem which i need to work upon or is it more likely to be a weakness in a muscle group which i need to address? Any input would be fantastic, Thanks!

i know what you mean by having trouble keeping the heels down… I personally just widened my stance a bit and pointed my feet outwards a little more

Try putting some 10 lbs weights under your toes, to force the issue. Sound like a hip/glute strength issue to me. Keep the weights down the the form gets right.