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Advice Needed


Hi everyone.

I have never been able to gain muscle easily. I am in need of an easy to do and quick but effective training program that will give me lean but not too bulky muscle for my abs, arms and legs.

Any other suggestions that would help are welcome. :slightly_smiling:


Honestly any and all of the great training articles here will work. One based in BIG compound movements, of getting under the damn bar and working HARD, That along with a solid diet and supplementation. You'll be on your way.

Thing is to Just DO it, or something. assess what worked and go again. Make it a habit, a life, its not a quick fix but a journey.


"Train for strength, eat for size."
-Prof. X

I think that pretty much sums up what anybody new to lifting needs to worry about. In the gym, focus on getting as strong as possible. Do the compound lifts (Bench, Rows, Dips, Chins, Squats, Deadlifts) and eat a diet that will help you achieve your body composition goals.


Quick and easy?

Doesn't exist.


I think this site may have 1 or 2 routines to help you. Just start reading.