Advice Needed!

Alright well to start off, I am 18, just graduated from high school. I was in power lifting and football all during my high school career, but have been a bum for like the last 8 months or so and havent done jack. I am trying to get myself back in shape as good or better than I was.

I usually competed at 165 for power lifting and 180ish during football. My max on the three lifts were, 255 bench, 425 squat, and 450 deadlift.

Now, for the questions… right now I weigh about 172, my bench has dropped about 40 pounds or so, but I havent really tried my max on the other lifts. I have gained quite a bit more body fat around my “love handle” area and my lower stomach, my chest is also much smaller. I would like to greatly improve my upper body physique.

I have never used ANY supplements or steroids, but I am wanting to give something a try. I have some friends who are using t-bol, winstrol, and some other stuff but I dont know if I really want to mess with hardcore steroids. I know they can be dangerous if taken incorrectly. I am planning on using the same routine I used during power lifting, only this time around I’m going to add a bicep workout. So my real question is what kind of supplements, juice or whatever would you guys reccomend for someone in my situation.

sorry to reply but I was also wondering what a good diet would be to add as much lean mass as possible, and as little fat.

first off for you age and weight you posted real good numbers, You probably have a lot of white fiber,fast twitch muscle. keep powerlifting and if your routine was working for you, keep doing it. secondly, don’t go steroid yet, try eating clean. good quality protien, turkey, chicken, beef, tuna. with carbs. try eatint 6 or 7 times a day. look under the search section for nutrition and read up on it. also try caloric intake, you probably are not eating enough

Protein powders.
Depending on your goals, add some exercises that will give you a total body workout, unless you are going for the powerlifting type of workouts only.
Eat like a MF.
Push iron heavy but be careful. Sounds like you have some great potential. Don’t worry about what others are doing, ask yourself “what do I want to do”?

Just some thoughts.

Good luck.


Look at Vrooms thread “are you a beginner II” Even though you are not a beginner per say it has great info. and links.

Other than thay just get back to lifting. Pick a good program and you should make some fast progress by regaining what you lost.
As for Diet T-dawg 2 is AWESOME for losing a little fat ands them is easily adaptd to keep gaining quality size by just upping the total intake.

Hope that helps,