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Advice Needed: TRT / Thyroid / Anemia / Nutrition / Adrenal

Apologies in advance for the long post. It’s been a complicated year. I’ve done more research than I care to admit but I’m just spinning my wheels at this point so here I am & I’m pretty sure y’all aren’t doctors but from the threads I’ve read y’all are the ones who seem knowledgeable on things some doctors miss so any advice is greatly appreciated.
@dextermorgan @systemlord @darthmason @hardartery @dbossa @highpull @studhammer @NH_Watts @charlie12 @hrdlvn and anyone else who might know something.

29YO, Male
175lbs, ~23% Body Fat
No Alcohol (maybe 1-2 liquor drinks a year)
Smoked weed daily until 25 but 26 and up just occasional when stressed but have stopped completely trying to figure this out.

Back in June 2020 I noticed I would get a briefly lightheaded while playing softball after work. This happened around 4-5 different times. Chalked it up to low sugar and just sipped a gatorade. Then mid August of 2020 after the gym, while grocery shopping with my wife (who is an ICU nurse) I almost fainted (this was more intense than the spells I had during softball) & had to go lay in the truck while she finished shopping. I was fasting so I just thought low blood sugar again. Then a week later August 23rd 2020, we were at the beach with some friends (all of which are in the medical field). I had been fishing all day with no issues but that night we were all out to eat when I started to feel off. I walked outside to get some air. When everyone came outside I was talking for a few minutes then all of the sudden I told my wife I was about to faint and sure enough I did. I woke up to everyone and their mother around me. I was sweating profusely and pale. Everyone said it looked like I had a seizure. Went to the ER with no findings except sinus tachycardia. The next day and the rest of the weekend trip I was fine, felt a little off but nothing dramatic. I returned to work the following week and felt fine until exactly a week after and had what I guess was a panic attack and had to leave. Then my “anxiety” and other symptoms were daily. I ended up hardly being able to drive because I felt off. Started working from home. Stopped going to the gym. Stopped fishing. Stopped socializing. Stopped being myself basically. After seeing a cardiologist, neurologist and GP everything was “normal”. This is when I agreed it might just be anxiety even though I felt there was an underlying condition causing this & I wasn’t sure how you go from never having anxiety to it being so crippling and making you pass out. Fast forward to October 4th. I was wearing a 30 day holster monitor, i was at home at that night laying down watching netflix when I felt a sensation go up my chest, to my throat and my left arm. I knew something wasn’t right so I tried calling my neighbor. As I was calling him, I passed out again. I woke up to him calling back and asked him to come over. He called the ambulance while I laid on the garage floor completely pale and sweating profusely again. When the EMT got there they sat me up to check vitals & I passed out again. My neighbor who wasn’t there the first time said it looked like I had a seizure as well. At the ER everything checked out normal though. These were the only times I have passed out but from August 23rd 2020 until now I have not been myself with various weird symptoms. I feel like a beta & don’t know why. I’m actually going through a divorce bc my wife thinks this is all just in my head but none of it makes sense and I could really use any suggestions.


  1. Feel like a beta
  2. Tachycardia: Heart rate is mid 60s sleeping but ~100 throughout the day everyday whether I feel “anxious” or not and increases very easily upon exertion.
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Back pain
  5. Brain Fog
  6. Lack of motivation
  7. Lack of Energy
  8. Anxiety/Depression: Not sure if this is a symptom or the cause at this point. I think the depression part is from not having my normal life back?
  9. Feel timid/nervous:
  10. Exercise intolerance
  11. Ocasional chest pains: More so under the sternum and it’s usually aggravated with exertion but does happen when lying down.
  12. Poor Memory (Short Term)
  13. General feeling of unwellness
  14. Get lightheaded when I do go for a run
  15. Cold hands & feet at times
  16. Not as good with the heat as I used to be

Current Medications:

  • Testosterone Cyp 120mg/wk (1 injection): Originally started at 100mg/wk in January of 2020. 3 months later, increased it to 120mg/wk. From the very first injection to now the only differences I’ve noticed is increased libido & my Hct & Hg went up so I’m thinking this isn’t my (main) issues like originally thought.

  • Omega 3’s/daily: Just started these on 10/5/2020.

  • B12 Injections/weekly: I have done these weekly for the past 4 weeks.

Previous Medication:

  • Amlodipine 5mg/daily: Started this in 2018. Discontinued this in August of 2020 because we were thinking this was part of this issue. My BP on this med was 145-155/90-95. Weirdly since stopping my BP is around 120-125/80ish.

  • Crestor 10mg/daily: Started this May 2020 and discontinued in August 2020 after my cholesterol numbers improved.

  • Vitamin D3 5,000 IU/daily: Started this back in November of 2019. Levels were 19 which is weird since I’m always outside fishing or something. Discontinued in August 2020 bc levels were good but will probably re-start since winter is almost here.

  • SSRI: I tried these 3 different times this through 2019-2020 against my will since I was told I was just anxious and depressed. Stopped everytime within a week bc they made everything 10x worse & made me feel suicidal which I’ve never felt & don’t care to ever feel that way again. (I feel incredibly sorry for people who feel that way daily after that experience though.)

  • Terbinifine: Took this for toe fungus for 3 months (June,July, August 2020). This is about the same time all my issues started to unfold? Probably just a coincidence.

  • Clomid 25mg/daily: Tried this before Test Cyp for a week and didn’t like it. I think it crashed my estrogen (not sure if that’s possible or not) but numbers were definitely lower after it.

Background: I grew up hunting, fishing, & played sports year round. I played collegiate lacrosse. After college I played softball up until this mess. For the past 10 years (except this year) I have worked out atleast 3 times a week. I’m not super strict on workout programs but my weekly workout consisted of boxing or sprints for cardio, and only compound lifts. I was always very social, active & stayed outside. I have no history of anxiety/depression & have always been outgoing. While I have always liked my alone time here and there, I would consider myself an extrovert. I fortunately had a good upbringing and no trauma that could have resulted in what’s going on. I broke several bones & had stitches from dirt bikes/4 wheelers and sports (no head injuries). The only other medical history I’ve had prior to this mess I’m in now was Anemia as a child (~4YO) and had my appendix removed ~12YO.

Family Medical History:

  • Paternal Grandpa*: Died of heart attack at 39. All 6 of his brothers died of heart attacks between ages 39-42 as well.

  • Paternal Grandma: Hypothyroidsim

  • Dad: Type II diabetic, Hypogonadism, High cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Gallbladder removed

  • Mom: High Cholesterol (Dr says healthy cholesterol is really good so no meds needed)

Doctors/Test Done:

  • (2) Cardiologist: Several EKGs, Holster Monitor, Echocardiogram, Stress Test W/ Echocardiogram.
  • Neurologist: Brain MRI, EEG, Ambulatory EEG
  • (2) Endos:
  • Internist: Abdomen Ultrasound
  • Kidney Doc
  • GP: Pheochycytoma, lyme, AIDS, Lupus, Sarcoidosis, Metal Toxicity, Diabetes
  • Therapist

Possible Causes?

  1. Hypothyroid
  2. Nutrient Deficiency (Managnese, Bs, C, ect.)
  3. Chronic Stress (Toxic Marriage)
  4. Iron Deficiency: My Iron Saturation is low but ferritin and Iron are normal? I know @dextermorgan & @systemlord had similar lab values with issues.
  5. Adrenal Issue
  6. POTS
  7. All in my head, God forbid.

//Click Here For A Spreadsheet of All Labs//
This has all of my bloodwork on it. It’s Dense but should provide needed information.

For thyroid purposes
TPO: 8 (0-34)
Thuroglobulin AB: >1

Vitamin/Mineral Labs:

Like I said this is a dense post and if you read through it and are able to provide any advice I’m going to thank you in advance.

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