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Advice Needed. Torn Rotator Cuff? Doc Says Nothing Wrong

Hey guys,
I’m a long time stalker, first time poster.

I’ve been boxing on and off for the past 4 years, had to give it up due to a shoulder injury.

Basically after hitting pads for 20mins or the bag or doing volume (10 reps or more) or any shoulder or chest excercises, i get a searing pain in my left shoulder. Its as if someone is stabbing me inside it with a hot iron poke.
I then gave up boxing, started lifting weights again ( pushing through the pain) and took up bjj.

I figured the lack of impact could be ok on the shoulder and the fact its less repetitive as techniques involve legs and different parts of the body.

I did a no gi class 6 weeks ago and heard a pop. I asked a friend to pop it back in by pulling it - nothing. He tried to push it back in, nothing
Im left with this painful shoulder which you can literally push my jab down and there is no strength in the shoulder.
External rotation is also painful, as is walking down stairs…i can literally feel the impact inside my shoulder, from walking…

So…i paid £200 gbp for a consultation with a shoulder specialist. The guy thought i had torn the labrum.
I went ahead and paid another £350 for a fluoroscopy and they have now confirmed its not torn.

I feel pretty pissed off…ive spent all this money, spent years in pain…to be told there is nothing wrong with it.

What the fuck.

I can’t do more than 15 press ups without my left shoulder giving out,cant throw any left punches,can’t throw with force and can (painfully) only bench low volumr.

What do you guys think it could be?

Any advice is much appreciated

In b4 start taekwondo lol

Are you sure it’s a torn rotator cuff?

Did it pop during a shoulder attack like a kimura or Americana?

I looked this up and its a type of X-ray. X-rays cant see soft tissue damage. You need an MRI to see that. Your ortho should have tested your strength in various positions. I guess you are in the UK and from what I have seen on this board, the NHS is a piece of shit. Can you find another Dr. You need to get this fixed. Trust me, I’ve had THREE shoulder surgeries.

Yeah it made a pop after a no gi session
It felt like it had come out but it hadnt

The weirdest thing is, i feel pain from the shock of walking down stairs…im totally lost…

I’m not sure what your problem is. Not something you can get diagnosed over the internet.

I had similar issues that were resolved by light shoulder movements with bands and very light weights. Basic rotator cuff exercises. I’m not sure if those will help, but if you can do them pain free, I doubt they would harm.