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Advice needed. Still can't find any shoudler programs!

Ok, I posted about a month ago that I wasn’t finding any shoulder programs in the search engine. Some suggested to check FAQ, and all they had was the telekenitics ( screw it I can’t pronounce it ) on shoulder training. Still no programs! I did tons of searches in the search engine and read just about every damn article, and still no programs specialized for the shoulders.

Where the %@#$%@ r they? And if anyone can post a link it would be highly appreciated!

Oh yeah. I will be ending great guns in a couple weeks. What program would you guys do next? I want massive shoulders!!! Would you do the 12 weeks to super strength, the bring on the pain or others…?

You’re right, I can’t think of any shoulder specialization routine in T-mag. 12 to SS has quite a bit of shoulder work in it though.

I can’t see why you couldn’t design your own program, though. I would suggest hitting them a couple times a week. A few exercises with good flexiblity needs on a decently high-rep system. Then a few exercises where you can incorporate good negatives. Remember to hit them from various angles.

I’d have to say that shoulders are my best body part (and calves). I found that splitting up through the week and using heavy movements were really what did most of the benefit.

Well, the most recent shoulder workout was “Short Topic: 321 Shoulders” by Chris Shugart. There have been others by Ian King within one of his older T-mag columns but I just don’t have time to go find it for you now. I think Alessi has written one too in his column. Oh, then there was one by John Paul Catanzaro just a few weeks ago called “Lateral Thinking”. That’s where the %#%^$*% they are! :slight_smile:

I get more copliments about my shoulders than any other bodypart. I never train them. I believe that with exercises like bench, dips, chins, rows, and deadlifts the shoulders get more than enough work.


No, I do not concentrate on one body part @ a time.
I try to balance out my workouts. But after doing great guns, my arms look great, except my shoudlers still look the same before I started lifting. Got these nice triceps and biceps but shoulders r nothing special.

Ian king had a program in one of his q and a columns. heavy metal or somthing. Poliquin might have had one too.

Check out the old Question of Strength articles. Poliquin had a killer shoulder routine in one of them. Also, Ian King had one in a Question of Power article.

Okay dude, this is what i did. I clicked on ‘previous issues’ to the left of the screen then i typed ‘shoulder’ into the search. then i clicked on search. i then started checking articles, i know that some shoulder programs were in q and a columns by king and poliquin cause i have seen them in the past and im pretty sure that i told you to look for them in your last thread.
here are the URLs that i found in the first 3 minutes of searching www.testosterone.net /html/body_54cp.html www.testosterone.net /html/body_148metal.html www.testosterone.net /html/body_112hm.html
remove the space after net in each of them.
Now, you will need to scroll down the page to see them… if you need help with that to just let me know :slight_smile: