Advice Needed on Peptides and Steroids for Female MMA

Hi everyone!

My name is Anne, 27, not a native English speaker so forgive the coming mistakes. I’m at the beginning of a life journey into MMA and looking for some answers regarding peptides/steroids. A little background to help you help me…

Never worked out my whole life, but gifted enough to have genes giving me, according to my coach, a great potential. I’m 1.71m, currently 63kg with a bf oscillating between 19 and 20 (subcutaneous, 7skinfold caliper test), small waist large hips, and as far as I can remember, always had issues with my joints (ankles and knees mostly), neck and back pains on and off, really prone to heavy migraines.
Early 2014, I went vegan for less than a year, then vegetarian, until I went on a 3 months green smoothie detox last February. I’m now on paleo diet 5 to 6 days a week.
Apart from having joint pains, my DOMS still last 2 to 3 days after a workout, which is better than when I was a vegetarian when they could last up to a week.

I have several questions related to testosterone, sex drive, muscle gain and how all of them are linked together, but I’ll try to keep it concise and peptides-related ^^

So, after analyzing my weaknesses, pains and how my diet affects them, I’m still at a level where I cannot workout/train every day. Since beginnings of May this year, I’m having BJJ on Tuesdays and Thursdays, MMA + boxing on Saturdays, group workout on Sunday, and my goal is to be able to have proper workout plans laid for the other days, being Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but so far I’ve only been able to do reallyyyyy light workout sessions on those days, or not at all.

Supplements-wise, I’m taking 25mg of DHEA daily, BCAA post workout, and I have been using a light testosterone gel (Androgel, 50mg) for sex-drive enhancement purposes, a really small dose every day.
I am also consuming a daily protein shake, not with usual protein powder but with collagen powder (mixed with psyllium husk, it does wonders on joint pains!), around 150g a day.
I’d like to know your advice, according to the info I gave you, on peptides and steroids that I could use to increase my muscle growth (reduce the muscle soreness post workout to workout more often) and stimulate my sex drive (which starting decreasing shortly after I switched my diet from omnivore to vegan). I have noticed an increase of my sex-drive as I started gaining muscle and using test gel, but it’s still definitely not back to normal.

Ladies, which kind of peptide and/or steroids had the best positive effects on your libido? What were other side effects you experimented? What effects on your trainings?

Thanks for reading!

The most common answer you’ll get is Anavar. That’s probably the top AAS that is used by women because it’s about the only one that can be taken without huge risks. But it’s not exactly what you’d call safe.

Anything in the realm of HGH or GHRP will be generally well-tolerated by women, assuming safe dosing protocols. Those are also the most likely to give you the kind of benefits that you’re looking for, as far as recovery and repair of injury.

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