Advice needed on lowering Body Fat Percentage.

I’m having some issues on planning a diet to lower my body fat percentage. I’m new to working out, and have been doing quite a bit of reading/research about dieting and nutrition.

I’m using the T-dawg diet as a guideline, and really need some advice on the meals that I have set up for this diet. I’m planning on going towards a workout that’s’ German Body Comp, and on a low carb, high protein diet.

Essentially I’m trying to diet down in preparation for the Arnold Classic. I live in Columbus Ohio, and I’m lucky enough for this event to be happening in my area. I’m new to working out as mentioned before, and essentially want to be at a lower body fat percentage to look good for the expo, and will then follow that with a mass phase, (Massive Eating Diet) following the Expo.

So far after working out and dieting, (of my own design), I’m at 12 percent body fat. I started out at 160 plus pounds and 18 percent. After a month of working out I’m at around 155 plus or minus a pound or two.

My diet that I’ve come up with so far is this:

Meal 1,

8am: Four Eggs

Cal 280, Pro 24g, Carb 4g, Fat 4.5g

Meal 2

10am: Chicken with Mixed Veggie’s

Cal 170, Pro 26g, Carb 5g, Fat 4g

Meal 3

12pm: Chicken with Mixed Veggie’s

Cal 170, Pro 26g, Carb 5g, Fat 4g

This is where I’m getting stuck. I’m trying to figure out what I can eat for another 2 meals. I thought about just eating more Chicken and Mixed Veggies. Also to date I have not been eating every two hours, more like every 3 to 3 and a half. So essentially what I have written here is what I’m debating/designing to be my diet to lower my body fat to fewer than 10 percent.

I also know that I’m not eating enough. So I am thinking about bumping up my meals by another 140 calories by eating two chicken breasts instead of one per meal.

Another thing is I thought about eating another 4 eggs as Meal 4 and then having a protein shake at 4pm. At the moment I am using Pro-Blend 55, as I can’t get Advanced Protein, (I have no way to order online, and my GNC’s are slow at carrying Biotest supplements). The shake has 55g of Protein, mostly Whey, and no soy what so ever. I also drink one of these shakes after my work out for the last meal.

I’m trying to not make this to damn god awful long, but if anyone can advise on some meal ideas, and or just take a quick gander an let me know where I could improve that would be great.


  • Gerald