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Advice Needed on EQ Run


Ok i want to run eq for 14wks at 600mg/wk… i only have enough test to run for 10 wks at 500/wk… its enenthate… im thinking of starting eq 4 wks before test so at wk 14 i will be stopping both together… being that it takes a while for the eq to actually noticeably start working i beleive that will be an ok protocol… any suggestions or advise?


600mg of boldenone will be most likely waste of time ofc depends on cycles before and exp. but i think min. dose to see some gains is from 1g in terms of boldenone. Personaly i would up the dosage of boldenone and run together for 10 weeks with your test.


Ok. Makes sence upping it and doing it 10wks. But i allways read how it takes so long to actually start working … do u have exp with eq ?


Get some more test, do a complete cycle, you can always save the leftover stuff for your next cycle.
If you haven’t used EQ before you don’t know how it will effect you. Everyone reacts a little differently, you may be fine, or you might get anxiety, high blood pressure. That’s a good reason not to go headfirst into a gram of EQ straight away.
Theories of how drugs are supposed to work are a good starting point, but don’t mean shit until you try it yourself. For me it gave me anxiety(listed potential side effect), shit cardio( opposite of what most people get),nausea and suppressed appetite(opposite of what most people get), didn’t do much for strength whilst on cycle,but by the end of the cycle I was pretty impressed by the gains in muscular growth, and how long I retained the gains.


Thanks for the input… i have ran eq before at 500mg a week… i remember telln myself at like week 10 that i wish i was fuller and felt i didnt get much from it… at that time i was an idiot bout my diet.but i look at pics now of then and im impressed thats whyvi wanna do it again plus im scared of the 19nors … i dont remember anxiety but i remember the last two weeks of the cycle i was so fuckn hungry… other than that idk. Im smarter now tho so…


Apetite increase on boldenone is myth and placebo, there is no real evidence that boldenone increase apetite, if you already run 500mg before and didnt had any issue i dont see any problem to go higher 800-1g like i said. Thats why i said that it depends on your cycle history and exp. with different compounds :slight_smile:


Yea i prolly bought into the hole appetite myth . Well see this time tho…


Love EQ, for me, 600mg/ w is hotspot, nothing more. Everyone is different, I see EQ like god of hormones where you can use it for long time without any sides and awesome results. Dry, hard, awesome pumps, veins everywhere, hungry, energy, endurance… something else to say?? ha… but, but, to see all this, you need to be advanced on bodybuilding. You are new in the game and don’t have a good response to EQ, you’ll see nothing. EQ gets better with time… I’m running it for 6 months in a roll, only 600mg/ w EQ with some test (300mg/ w), great visual. Good drug for long period use.