Advice Needed on a Cut Diet

Hey everyone,

I’m new to the forum (obviously), and new to weight lifting again (it’s been a few years). My main goals for the next few months are strength gains, and fat loss. Obviously size gains would be nice, but I’m hesitant to put on more fat in the time being as my BFI is probably 15-20%. I’ve been lifting for about two weeks now and everything is going well, and since I’m going with a few people now I believe it is finally sustainable as I enjoy going. I’m lifting 4 times a week and doing cardio 3 times a week, so if I keep that up, hopefully that will suffice as long as my diet is functional.

A few stats:

Height- 6’1
Weight- 200 lbs
Body Fat- 20% maybe?

Also keep in mind I work about 50 hours a week at an office job, so my workouts are all at night with the exception of weekends.

-Plain oatmeal, possibly with fruit or chocolate whey powder for flavour
-Shake with orange juice, greens powder, and whey powder


-Tuna with some lemon juice and a piece of fruit
-Some days substitute sushi if I want something that tastes a little better

Mid afternoon:
-Greens powder in some water, possibly whey and water separately

Dinner: (Usually preworkout, 1-2 hours ahead of time)
-Salmon, chicken, or beef
-Steamed brocolli with some parmesan cheese dipped in a mixture of olive oil and Mrs. Dash
-Spinach salad with a dressing of vinager, olive oil and Mrs. Dash

Post workout:
Whey shake with milk as it is almost my bedtime after that (starting work at 7am can be a little brutal)

A few notes:

-Im aware that eating dinner before weight training may not be ideal, but due to my work schedule, it is somewhat necessary. I may be able to work out, then eat dinner, if that is necessary -My workouts are the typical chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulders, and legs days, but on weekends Ill also run separately, and weeknights after my workout (with the exception of leg day and the day after leg day) I will run for half an hour as well.

So what does everyone think? It could use a little creativity perhaps, but I feel it is sustainable, which is what I need at the moment. Keep in mind I’m not looking for size gains, and just want to lose some fat. As for the strength gains, I am assuming that they will come simply because I’m working out again.

Also, any advise on supplements would be helpful, although for some types I may be rather hesitant to use them.