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Advice Needed (Halo/Methyl 1-D/Nova)

Almost done with first 4 week Halo clone cycle. No weight gained

but lots of strength and noticeable recomposition. Considering

going straight to M1D for 2 or 3 weeks before starting Nova. I

know everyone’s trashing M1D but has anyone tried it? Will it

help or hurt this cycle?

Looking for as much size as possible legally. Tried PP clone

before and gained 12lbs. I have another bottle of Halo clone for

next cycle. What should I stack it with for maximum size?

Any and all suggestions welcome.

age 45 / 5’10" / 245lbs. / BF too high


1 chest/triceps
2 back/biceps
3 off
4 shoulders/abs
5 legs
6-7 off

diet: (needs work)

1 (preworkout) NOXplode or Superpump, oatmeal, fruit, coffee
2 (postworkout) protein shake
3 chicken breast, salad
4 protein bar
5 chicken or beef, vegs, rice or pasta
6 protein shake

I don’t measure calories or protein. Just eat clean and as much

protein as possible. Also as much water as I can drink.

I think this is meant for the steroids forum.

These are prohormones. Not steroids. But if you think this is the wrong forum perhaps someone can move this thread to the supplement forum. Thanks.