Advice Needed From Experienced Members

First cycle back in a couple of years.

Week 1-4 - Anadrol 50 ED
Week 1-12 - Test-E - 500mg/WK
Week 8-12 - Anadrol 50 ED
Week 15-18 - PCT
Week 1-18 - N2Guard

I’m on Week 3 - PIP is fading, I’m never going to pin my quad again.

  1. Is Nolv and Clomid sufficient for PCT?
  2. What to do to combat lower back pumps?
  3. Appetite is low, I’m assuming that’s the Anadrol.

Thoughts and comments.

  1. yes
  2. suck it up, princess (apparently taurine works but I’ve never noticed a benefit)
  3. yeah, Anadrol’s a fucking horrible drug in my opinion but some people really love it

I’m currently running 750 mg test Enth a week and 400mg tren enth. Taking exmestane and arimidex throughout cycle. Started 2 weeks ago. Cycle is about 12 weeks. Will be starting winny on week 7. Basically trying to add lean mass. Here’s my problem… I am prescribed 100 mg test cyp every 2 weeks. And I dont want my doctor knowing I’m on the other stuff. Should I just abandon my cycle now. Or could I stop taking the test for 2 weeks prior to this “suprise” blood test he wants to give me on the 13th of may. And continue taking the tren and other stuff. I just don’t want my test levels to be really high when he gets the results. ??? Any thoughts