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Advice Needed for F'd Up Lower Back

I do not make many posts but I come to this website almost everyday. July 3rd of this year I was in a bad kneeboarding accident. My legs snapped over my head backwards and bent my back way too far. I thought I had broken my broken my back. Upon lots of expensive testing in the ER all I did was tear a bunch of ligaments.

It has been almost three months and my back is staying at about 80% recovered. I can do just about anything but deadlifts and legs. It may be in my head but could someone who has been through something similar or has a medical background tell me if there is something I can do to aid in recovery or if I should just forget about doing deads and squats.

It can generally take up to 6 months for ligaments to completely heal. Not to mention in your case, you probably had some significant muscular/soft tissue damage to go along with the ligament damage. What testing was done at the ER? X-ray? MRI?

It may take quite a while to return to full strength and ability to perform squats/deads, etc. Nothing wrong with dropping the weight until your body is ready. Body weight and single leg exercises should be within reason for you to perform as well. If the exercise causes pain, don’t do it.

They did xrays and mri. I can definitely do body weight without problem.