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Advice Needed for 5 Year Plan

Hi there bodybuilding community. My name is Rob. I first got serious about working out in about November of 2008. My mother is overweight, (had at that time one total knee replacement) and she was not very motivated to change her life. So I started to go to the gym with her. I have been in the gym every week since. Fitness once a mild intrest of mine has developed into a insatiable passion.

I have learned a lot in a year and a half and love that you can never learn all there is to know about fitness. I am currently pursueing a BS in Nutrition and I enjoy learning about fitness and Nutrition. I have enjoyed what the gym has done for me so far I have gone from about 200 lbs at the end of high school in 2006 to 153 lbs 5’7.5" tall and 11.7% bodyfat in 2010. What has happened with my body thus far has made me truly optimistic about the possibilties for my body in the future.

Recently I realized the benefits of long-term planning, so right now I am first trying to define my goals and second develop a detailed plan for acheiving those goals for the next 5-8 years of my life. Goal numero uno Build a Solid base level of fitness, what this means to me is that I want to build my physical fitness level up to the point where my body can handle 3-4 hours of intense physical training sessions 6 times every week. Goal number two I want to have a jaw dropping physique, What this means to me is weigh 175-180 lbs at 6-8% body fat on my 5’8" frame. My goal with this blog is to gain help and advice from people with experience in formulating a long-term plans (2 plus years) in order to acheive my goals. That’s all for now I think. Thanks for reading my long self-righteous post.

Any comments appreaciated constructive criticism greatly desired.

Thats really cool that you found your passion.

Your going to need shorter term goals to get wherever you want to go. A ‘Jaw dropping physique’ can be subjective and you’ll probably notice more things you’ll have to work on as you progress with size and strength.

This thread started by Brick was the best thing I’ve read because of the simplicity he put in it.

Expect road blocks like injury or mistakes and don’t let that ruin your goal to keep moving forward.

Hey man, Glad to see that the Iron is treating you well. As earthquake has said you need a shorter term plan. I mean keep your 5 year goal in the back of you mind but know that you have to set little goals and achieve them consistantly and they will lead you to your future goal’s. Remeber as time goes on goals change and evolve. For ex. When I started training in Grade 12 I was 6 feet tall and was 138 lb’s and very week. I told myself if I could ever get to 175 that I would be a beast and really buff. Turn’s out when I got to 175 and looked in the mirror I didnt see all the great progress that I had made, I only saw how far I needed to keep going. I’m 6’1" now and almost 210 and trust me I still need to get alot bigger. To Put this in perspective for you look at the Author on t-muscle Christian Thib’s He has a jaw dropping physique for 5’8" and i’m sure there are still lots off goals he wants to acheive with his physique.

I’m not trying to be a Buzz kill or anything :p. You have done VERY well so far. Keep at it, all I’m trying to point out is don’t look to far down the road tell yourself you want to improve all your lifts by 50lb’s in 6 month’s to a year. And Trust me you will see dramatic Changes in your physique! Good Luck to you and don’t hesitate to ask some of the vet’s around here for advice some started smaller than you and are real beasts who are more than happy to give advice to someone who is willing to get in the gym and bust his balls. Anyways all the best with the iron my friend. It will treat you well Im sure

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and your thoughtful responses. Great advice Dave1987 definatly non a buzz kill. Good looks on going from 138 to 210 that’s quite impressive!

Ok folks here’s the nitty gritty.

Soooo? so far I?ve gotten this far on my goals for 2010; 1.) Learn how to properly deadlift, and power clean. 2.) Improve my form on bench press, squat, and the press.

Ok those are two horribly subjective and difficult to quantify goals. So the first thing to do would be to define a marker for myself to know when I reach them.

I just purchased “Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe. I F’ing love this book (58 pages on how to squat perfectly what’s not to love?).

The one roadblock I see is; I can?t see myself when I am preforming these exercises (and I?m not sure I just want to trust a random trainer at my gym to point out flaws in my form ya know). Reading a book on how to preform an exercise correctly is one thing, having someone (who knows what the fuck they are doing) tell you whether your are actually preforming it correctly according to extremely strict form is another. Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

After those first two goals are completed I can get a better sense of where I am at strength-wise and set some goals as to where I want to be at the end of 2010.

That?s all I can think of right now, more posts to come as I work on my form.