Advice Needed, First Cycle Plan

Hello ladies and gents.
First a little introduction is in order.
I’ve been involved with sports since the age of 8 (26 now).
Played Ice Hockey on a professional level (which isn’t much in my country - lol) for 2 years, but decided to quit and focus on my career as a programmer. Anyway, i started out powerlifitng 5 years ago, and did a couple of local meets. My bests are not much, but hey, it’s from the heart!

At 83kg bodyweight:
Squat 230kg
Bench 180kg
Deadlift 275kg

Here’s the deal, i started doing more and more bodybuilding in the past 2 years~ as a way to decomp from powerlifting, and now my training is more of a mixture between the two. I’m interested in trying out steroids and seeing how far i can push myself.

To be honest, i’ve read a lot of threads and articles before coming here, and deciding to post, and i am very confused. Pretty much everyone is of a different opinion (be it in the compounds used, or the quantities, or the duration). The only thing i’ve seen everyone agree on, is that you shouldn’t run an Oral only cycle.

As a beginner thought, i want to… “test the waters” so to speak, and i’ve red in several different forums about the following cycle:

T-bol 6-8 weeks (1 week 30mg daily, the rest 60mg daily)
Clenbuterol 8-9 weeks (stating at 20mg daily, ramping to 120, then de-loading back to 20)
Proviron 9-12 weeks (50 mg daily)

As i said, i am a complete newbie with no past experience, so i would really love it if you guys can give me some advises, and honest opinions.