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Advice Needed; Appointment with Endo on Tuesday

Hello guys, i’m seeing the endo doc on tuesday this is my second visit first one was 9 months ago shitty NHS.

Although i haven’t seen my blood work yet i have all the symptoms of low test so i’m hoping they put me on HRT. Now i’m far from being an expert but i have read a fair bit. From what i have read i think i would prefer to be on test cyp self administered, do you think i could ask for this?

I have read that the NHS will not prescibe hcg unless someone is trying for a baby which hopefully i will one day, is this true?

i noticed someone had been put on sust 250, but i have read this is not so good for HRT is this correct?

will i need an AI if i am put on test cyp? and will they give it to me

i’m concerned about hair loss, would they also prescribe rogaine or nizeral?

i know there is alot of questions so sorry about that i just don’t want to blow it? and come across like i am after juicing or a clever dick, any advice you could give me i would very much appreciate it.

bump, any thoughts guys

[quote]Triggerhappy wrote:
bump, any thoughts guys[/quote]
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First thought - Your goal should be to feel better, and that alone is what you should be stressing to the doctor. If you go in with the attitude of “I want TRT” without listening to his diagnosis and a look at the blood results, then you are, in fact, a juicer.

If hypogonadism ends up being the diagnosis and you’re worried that any knowledge you display about TRT will count against you, then I would try to nip that in the bud right away. Simply tell him the truth; that this has been a health concern of yours for some time so you decided to try and educate yourself by reading what you could find on the internet while waiting for your appointment.

If he prescribes testosterone but not an AI, then ask. “I’m concerned that the increase in testosterone will trigger a release of aromatase, shouldn’t I also be taking an AI?”

You pretty much have to play it by ear and see where he’s coming from.

Good luck!

thanks happy, iv’e been to the docs now and well to put it simply it was a waste of time except now i feel even more fed up grrr anyway i posted my results on another thread to see opinions on them thanks for your help though, just wish the doc was as helpfull…