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Advice Needed, 4th Cycle

Hi all,

this is my 4th cycle and i want to try something “new”…


weight: 190lb (86kg)
height: 5’ 11’’ (1,80cm)
bf: 9%
Cycles done before this: 3
weight when i started bodybuilding: 110lb

First cycle: Sustanon(250/w 8 week) - deca(200/w 8 week) - Winstrol(50/eod 4 week)
Second cycle: test enth(500/w) - “Parabolan” - EQ(600/w)
Third cycle: test cyp(500/w 14 week) - deca(400/w 12 week) - tren ace(525/w 6 weeks)

I am concerned about progestin issues mixing deca and tren, but fortunately i don’t have any gyno problems with this.
I needed letrozole to control estrogen gyno at 2º cycle. Furthermore i had problems in first one with just A-dex. So i can say i am gyno prone. 3º cycle no problems with 0,5ed of a-dex
Despite of not having gyno problems with deca and tren Ace, i got MAD while on tren, irritability through the roof.
I had testicular atrophy at 250ui x2 week of HCG

My goal is lean weight gains as much as possible, but without losing almost everything at the end of the PCT ^^.

So here is my idea:


1-10 test cyp 500mg/w
1-10 deca 200mg/w
1-12 EQ 500mg/w
3-10 tren enth

10-14 test prop 525mg/w
10-14 tren ace 525mg/w

HCG (500ui twice /w)

0,5arimidex ed
maybe buying cabergoline…

PCT with clomid, aromasin, nolvadex.


  1. Seriously, i love deca weigh gains being ectomorph, but i dont know if this dose will be enough. Should i drop the deca or up the dose?
  2. What do you think about EQ? tren kills my appetite and maybe EQ can solve this. Anyways when i used EQ i didn’t find any gains from it, just vascularity.
  3. Too much tren?
  4. Should i add clen at week 10?
  5. Should i use more test cyp?

I know this is a strange cycle, but adjusting diet i wanna bulk the first 10 weeks and then try to remove the water and low my bf (I dont expect to get shreded despite being easy for me but i dont wanna be a baloon in summer ^^)

Thank you so much

Someone make this go away! STAT!

I’m not sure if this is a serious post… really… not sure.

Why did you not post hfow much tren e you will be using? Why wait till the third week, Why only run it 7 weeks?
how much do you weigh now?
Why ask us our opinion on how EQ is going to work for you if you have ran it and already know how it affected you?

I really think you just put a bunch of shit together and are just hoping for the best. But maybe not.