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Advice My Way


I'll start by introducing myself. I'm new here(obviously), and I'm looking to get pretty involved with this forum as I really enjoy and take weight lifting seriously. I'm 22, I work full time, and am going to school for anesthesiology.

Anyway, I've been lifting for roughly a year now, and absolutely love it. However, I'm needing a little bit of advice. From my very first day of lifting til now, I've never really gotten sore, but have great results. I always try different things such as:

Increase weight and reps
Change my workouts every 2 weeks
Lower reps heavy weight

But still, wasn't getting sore. Recently, I took a week(7 days) off. I came back the first day and did my chest, and triceps, and surprisingly, I was sore at the time, and the next 2 days. I've never been on a routine, kept logs, or anything. I always keep excellent form.

Currently, I'm 5'6, 170lbs, and right around 11% BF. My goal is to reach 185-190lbs.

What I'm wanting to really learn is proper routines and nutrition. All the help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


The proper routine and nutrition is the one that gets you results.


Before you get flamed:

KEEP A LOG, at least training-wise

Have a training plan/get a training plan

Use periodization

Read everything you can on this site. If you really,really don't have time to read...also mention this. (time spent on WoW, PS III etc. doesn't count as "time you don't have")

But, if you say you want to learn proper routines, the first step is to read everything on this site. (less so the specialty training articles- arms, shoulder specialization etc.- more the routines and generic nutrition articles)
I'd say start with coach Mark Rippetoe's articles and Jim Wendler's 5/3/1. Also, Joe DeFranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards. And, Christian Thibaudeau's I Bodybuilder program.

Tell us in what your max lifts are (preferably 1RM or 3RM or 5 RM...or whatever you do) (on squats, deads, a horizontal press, a horizontal or vertical pull, maybe also a vertical press and the other pull)
Give us an idea of what your routine has been for the past few months, tell us if you're still making progress on it, or if it has stalled.

Here's a bit of basic info: know that soreness only means that...you're sore, not that you'll grow or get stronger. You can grow/get strong as much, or even more than you would by getting sore, without getting sore. Also, you should rarely, if ever, go to failure (also, read about Charles Staley's EDT, and Chad Waterbury's articles). Stop the sets when the weight slows down, or, at least, when you reach technical failure (form starts deteriorating)

Also, know that you don't need 12 sets and 3 exercises/muscle group/session (in case you did that). On average, 20-40 reps with the work-weight (not including warm-up) are enough.
Finally, whenever possible (pretty much, almost always), accelerate the weights on the way up as much as possible without deteriorating form (though this doesn't mean you should use SUPER-STRICT form on anything), and lower them under control.



Thank you. I'm going to read those articles now.


i could be wrong, but i dont think that not being sore is necessarily something to worry about, as long as you know your doing a lot of quality work, you'll be alright, but that goes back to finding a routine. without a real decent plan you're at a significant disadvantage. on basically any questions such as these, i always always recommend jim wendlers 5/3/1 program, i use it, its simple but also open for a little customization at least as far as assistance work goes, good luck, experience will be your greatest tool as you will learn many of these things for yourself, but there are a lot of good programs on this site