Advice - I'm an ExSci Major

What are my options after I bet my BA, and what are (in your opinion) the best options?

Right now I have one idea - go to Charmicheal Training systems - work there the summer before my senior year - hopefully get hired for when im out of school - then coach there - or at least start there.

I want to Coach at some point - Running, or cycling, or triathlon -

What are the best schools to go to for my Masters and or doctorate?

Right now I am at the University of North Dakota - and they have a masters program as well as the BA program.

thanks in advance!

As long as you want to work with endurance athletes, CTS isn’t a bad choice.

As someone who’s been there, I can say it’s definitely not as glamorous as it might seem from the outside. You will get exposed to the business side of coaching, though.

They have a ton of coaches though, so I it may not be easy to gain a full-time position. Many of the CTS are high-profile athletes within their sports who automatically attract business regardless of their coaching ability.

Sounds like your doing something different now…

What are you doing now?

Is it really hard to coach on your own… I mean assuming your good.

Is there anything I can be doing while in college or in the summers - or at any point from now until I graduate to help myself look better as a potential coach to athletes or companies like CTS?

The only think I can think of is doing Honors along with my BA - which has me doing papers for various classes for one bonus credit - like for intro to coaching I’m going to do a paper comparing the two different methods of the high school cross country coaches for the two high schools in Grand Forks. Then Compare both of them to my Advisors methods he used as an olympic coach.

Other than that and getting As - not much i can think of - any other ideas?