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Advice/Help, First Cycle of Deca & Test


Hey guys, so I've been researching & reading loads about aromatize-inhibitors(AI) and I couldn't decide whether to include it in my cycle of deca & test or not since it's just to confusing to make a decision. Apparently everybody says to take it with your cycle regardless and the other half says to take it only if you'll react badly to the roids (side effects symptoms starting to show like gyno etc. )

My cycle is as follows:
Week 1-10, 500ml Deca/ week (250ml x 2 Mon & Thurs)
Week 1-12, 550ml Andropen/ week ( 275ml x 2 Mon & Thurs)
Week 13-14, Rest ( 2 weeks off from the gear)
Week 15-18, 50mg x 30 days Clomid (Part of 1 month PCT)
Week 15-18, 40mg x first 15 days & 20mg x last 15 days Nolvadex (Part of 1 month PCT)

P.S: Andropen 275 is the product name of a test mix(similar to Sustanon).

Andropen 275 dose:
Test Acetate: 20mg
Test Decanoate: 90mg
Test Propionate: 45mg
Test Phenylpropionate: 45mg
Test Cypionate: 75mg

I'm also currently taking Cellucor ZMA which also has 750mg of Tribulus Terristis in it.

Let me know if an AI such as Letrozole or Arimidex etc. would be necessary to my cycle and which would be a better option. If it is recommended to have an AI regardless, also let me know would Proviron be sufficient as an AI to my cycle.

Any other advice or guides you could provide me related to this would be welcome as well, just don't be such a critic...we're all here to learn and everyone has to start somewhere :smiley:


definitely use an AI, adex would be fine, proviron most definitely won’t be enough


^yup, i agree.

i used to think proviron was the coolest thing ever, but to be honest, AI’s are way more effective, and generally cheaper, too. (IMO, proviron is simply outdated, unless one can get it at a really low price, or that’s all ya can get)

one can start the A-dex at a relatively low dose, and raise it up if estrogen levels creep up. and if they don’t, then just run that dose until PCT.


Thx a lot for the reply yogi, much appreciated :slight_smile:

However if I were to take Arimidex as part of my cycle, how long would you advice me to be on the Arimidex? Is it from day one till the last day of PCT non-stop or only take it for the duration of week 1-12 excluding the 2 weeks off & 1 month PCT duration?

Also, since Proviron is not sufficient as an AI would you say Arimidex itself is enough as an AI without the Proviron?

Would you also say Arimidex is a better choice compared to Letrozole? If I remember correctly one is stronger than the other and some ppl says Arimidex is a better choice because it’s less strong compared to Letrozole but still do job of well enough.


Great advice bushmaster, thx a lot :slight_smile:

What would you recommend on the range of the low dose Arimidex? Do you run it at the start of the cycle and gradually increase the dose higher and stop it at the same time you stop the test(week 12) if estrogen levels don’t creep up?

Also when you said estrogen levels creep up, do you meant when you start seeing early symptoms of the side effects like gyno & acne etc?

If needed to run Arimidex till PCT, do you meant run it till the start of the PCT or run it till the end at the same time with the PCT?


You could start the adex dose at 0.25mg EOD and increase to 0.5mg EOD if needed.

You’ll have to keep an eye on your body and symptoms to determine is estrogen is getting too high. For me it started as alot of water weight. Then what felt like a small gyno lump. That was from not running any AI. 3 days after adding in adex no gyno and decrease in water weight.

Back acne did not seem to improve with the use of AI and continued even while off cycle. What helped the most for that was the use of nettle root extract. After 1-2 weeks but skin completely cleared up. Acne may have possibly been related to SHBG levels.

Run adex so that last day of adex is the first day of Nolva
Consider using HCG as part of PCT due to Deca use

How old are you? Just out of curiosity