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Advice Heard in My Gym




Cant help but feel like this is a troll post.

Your reading this site which contains some of the best infomation you can get to do with all aspects of training and your asking if you should pay attention to some 40yr old at your gym after he calls you a wanker.

rolls eyes


Good point actually lol...fuck that man.


I find it amusing that you're stressing what a guy who doesn't even train legs tells you.

And I don't listen to ANYONE who tries to tell me what my body is capable of or what it needs.


Focus on your self, and continue to get bigger and stronger than him.

He will shut up eventually.


The biggest guy at your gym is benching 65kg, and takes a week off every 4 weeks?

And you think your gym is "pretty hardcore"?

That's laughable to say the least.


What I'm getting at is: results are all that matters.

If you are getting them with your approach, don't change because some rando dude says to.


Listen to the above one man. If it works for you and a) you see results b) you aren't hurting yourself, and c) it keeps you wanting to go back for more keep at it.

PS like your name "Capt. Slow" you watch top gear?


When you get bigger/stronger than him, you should taunt him and call him 'straight sets boy'. And if/when he comes to you for advice, you should really rub it in. I mean really dig it in there good, then tell him to go piss up a rope. Oh, and laugh at him while he benches. That always gets 'em.

Just kidding. Be cool about it. So many people have been misinformed by the fitness 'industry' over the past few decades, that they think they're doing it right when they're ass backwards. He's probably just tearing you down because you're seeing results, he's not, and he can't figure out why. So, when you get bigger and he comes to you asking questions, that's your opportunity to be awesome.


England sucks


is there a question in there somewhere that i missed or is this just a story to let everyone know you train "the T-Nation" way?


Yep :frowning:


Love Top Gear aswel...


oh, in that case. yes he talks a load of shit. you need a)hoody with hood up b) head phones and c) some confidence. the hoody gives you tunnel vision, the headphones blocks out douche bags talking to you and confidence so that you dont need affirmation anytime someone contradicts your methods.


Yup yup, good tactic, I did this in college. I did a full Smolov program and I remember faggot frat kids talking trash/giving odd looks on how I came in and would squat 4 x week for about an hour and nothing else. Hoodies and death metal blasting in my ears, did me and my legs well.



You suck.


You know what mate, this is exactly what i came across when i started picking up weights in my gym about 4 years ago. but the brilliant thing is, just keep training the T-Nation way (even though that offers a huge range of training styles and i got results from defranco ws4sb or JW 5/3/1).

The reason i say this is because in this time span i have leapfrogged all of these self proclaimed experts and where i accomplish a lot in 45 minutes to an hour, all the assholes, like those you speak of, are STILL EXACTLY THE SAME as they were 4 years ago, hitting biceps and abs from every angle for 3 hours a day.

as an after thought, heavy and low box squats scares the shit out of everyone and shuts them the hell up.

good luck

ps where is your gym?


Was this the bloke in the gym?


Just learn to not give a shit. This time next year you'll be benching twice as much and you'll only feel pity for him.


I'm sorry, but more like, your gym sucks.

Where I train;