Advice Going From Juice to All Natural?

As per every time I try somthing new in public I like to introduce myself . I’m A. An all natural. I have an old friend who is coming off juice. Is there anything that anyone can tell me about the journey of coming off juice? Withdrawal, weight loss and so forth?
Thanks in advance.

You are going to lose all the muscle gains you made with steroids and people are going to see you in the gym as the phoney that you are

Good to know…so he might deal with ego problems ad well as strength problems. Good to know thank you.

That’s. An ecological problem that can easily be fixed. Keep it comming guys.

Without proper pct you will feel like shit due to a huge drop in test levels. Depression, weakness and soft peter are all real possibilities. Good luck!

I went through this years ago. My struggles involved joints, tendons, and overall endurance. YMMV.

It truly does feel better on the other side now, a better way to live life. by the way, you will have an advantage over everyone else for life. My shoulders for instance clearly have more androgen receptors or something, and it’s 8 years or so later…!

Thanks guys for your insight on this. Figuring out the physiological stuff is not my personal forté. But having the info and pointing him in the right direction will help for sure. Tendons is somthing I didn’t think of but makes total sence. Depression is somthing anyone comming off of anything is going to be a concern for sure…that’s good to know though and somthing that can be managed with the right support.
I just really want to thank you guys for helping me understand a bit better but please if anyone has anymore info please feel free to add.