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Advice From Trainer: Low Dose Test, No PCT

Hey guys, quick question. I’ve Been training for about 6 years now. Started out at a measly 55kg, was just skin and bone, have put on about 26kg, but have been thinking about taking test for a long time, just want to ask a couple questions about it. My trainer who has taken all kinds of shir In his competing days, seems to know his stuff and reckons I should start on a super low dose of 1ml per week for 8 weeks. He said this will basically double the amount of test i currently produce. Does this sound correct? And he also said to slowly up it if I don’t notice much, but he said this is the safest way to do it. He’s all about not being stupid and causing harm to my body, he said this would do no more harm then having 3 or so beers a night, is that also correct? And one more thing, I’m concerned about this messing with my heart or any other organs. Can this be expected, or is what my trainer said pretty spot on? He also seems to think I won’t need to take PCT off such a small dose. But if I up it I will need to include a PCT. I have always been told I can’t just take test by it’s self, but my trainer with 22 years exp taking gear says all I need to take is the test, nothing else until I increase the dose. Then I need to include a PCT. thank you so much in advance guys, sorry about the Novel.

Your trainer is not spot on and I could say a few unsavory things about his advice… especially the PCT.

  1. You don’t measure medication in volumes… 1 ml of test means nothing. That’s like saying I’m taking 1 pill of something. Test comes in 100-400mg/ml typically with the higher stuff causing a lot of post injection pain (PIP).

  2. Taking a low dose… say 200mg/wk will likely give you higher test than natural but not much. IMO anything less than 300mg is counter productive. Stick with 300-500mg range for your first cycle.

  3. Your HPTA will shut down with ANY DOSE. You need PCT no matter what. Make sure you have it purchased and in hand before you start.

  4. As far as negative health consequences… those can be broad and many. However a low dose test cycle is generally the safest route to go.


Time to get a new trainer my guy.


Cheers for your advice man, maybe I misheard him. So you reckon 300mg is lowest dose I should take? And I take that once a week for say 8 weeks? And what PCT would you recommend? And I start that a week after my last shot of test? Trainer was saying taking in really small doses like he said should be enough to help me put on muscle as Long as I still follow my meal and training programme very strictly. He said that having double the amount of test in my body would be more then enough to give me a massive help with gaining muscle. Or is there no point in that? I just want to do it as safely as possible.

Your trainer isn’t strictly wrong about some of what he said. But his approach is very old school, and it ignores a lot of what we now know about optimizing exogenous testosterone.

If you train hard and eat well then you’ll get results irrespective of what you’re taking. So that’s a baseline no matter what. Giving your body a huge, consistent dose of testosterone will make those results even better. The question then becomes about risk and reward. How much better will the results be while on cycle vs how much of a pain is it to come off and recover. It’s all just calculating outcomes and weighing the impact of potential downsides.

Thanks man, good to know that some of what he said is true. He’s been doing it for years. He said that doing it like that is a really safe way. I’ve done some more research, and found out that I should be really taking double what he told me a week. So maybe 200mg test twice a week for maybe 3 months. Then run the PCT 2 weeks after my last pin. Does that sound like a reasonably safe first cycle. I’m really concerned about doing damage to myself, especially not wanting to feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack everyday haha. Just want the extra push, and if it’s successful, maybe run a cycle once every 1 to 2 years

Yes that sounds better. You could run 200mg 2x per week for 12 weeks. Wait two weeks then PCT with Nolvadex. 40mg/day first two weeks, then 20mg/day two additional weeks.

Cheers bro, what kind of test, just Test E? I’ve also heard about sustanin or somthing, what kind of side effects could i expect from this, I’ve been told the worst could be hair loss, and I have to weigh up whether it’s worth it or not.

Test C or E is ideal. Sustanon is a blend of esters and makes E2 management more complicated. Like I said before, sides are many. Hair loss is possible due to increased DHT but only if you are genetically predisposition already. High BP, changes in mood, excess water/bloat, achy joints, inability to regain normal T levels, erectile issues… I could go on.

And also me being 26 years old and first cycle,would you recommend 400 or 500mg per week? 200mg or 250mg twice weekly?

Splitting hairs here. Its a personal choice.

Thanks man probably just go with Test E, you reckon 400 or 500ml weekly? I heard it’s easier to just take 500 as it’s usually about a ml at a time you take. But I don’t wanna take to much.

Sides will be the same either way, but you will get a little more bang at 500 most likely.