Advice from Those Who Have Run Krypteia?

So I’ll be finishing up with Pervertor in two weeks, loved it every bit of it, even the widowmakers.
But unfortunately life has got busier and I’m looking to switch back to a 3 day program, preferably one I can do in about an hour, maybe an hour and a quarter if needed.

I’ve liked the look of krypteia from the start, always supersetted my push and pulls anyway, as well as band pull aparts/face pulls with squats/deads.

I’ll be starting with a 85% TM for everything except Squats which will be 80%,
I can do the chin ups for the required reps for sure, not so sure about dips… have no problem switching to db’s for a bit if needed though.

Anyway this got long, tl:dr does anyone who has ran Krypteia have any general advice about running the program, whether thats for assistance , TM, conditioning etc.


Krypteia is fucking awesome, but you need to be mindful of your joints (elbows and knees). I tried to power through so pain in my left knee and I regret it now.

Krypteia is 4 days for the first couple of cycles.

Thanks, Will keep that in mind.
Being 24 should help, but won’t take that for granted I’m in this for the long haul.

Aye I’m aware, I’ll make that work either with an extra early morning workout or just do 4 over 9 days.
Then once on the 3 day probably just run part 2-3 twice at least
at part 2 and 3 at least twice

Using the DB’s instead of dips is fine - it’s part of the program. What matters is getting the work done. Start light, progress slowly, set PRs, balance.

Also - you could just go for total reps. So lets say you can only do 5 dips per set… so do 5 dips per set, then do 5 sets of 5 dips once your main work is done. Just get 50 reps in whatever amounts of sets you can. This can be applied to all the assistance in the program. Just get the work done.

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I could have sworn that for Krypteia, Jim said you should do no less than 10 reps on the assistance. I don’t have my book at work with me, if someone could fact check that. haha

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Ya… I believe you’re correct, but I haven’t gone back and looked. I would not do what @marc4497 said for Krypteia even though it’s good advice for other templates.

What I recommended is acceptable. Join Jim’s private forum to learn more.

Good to know man, I tried supersetting dips on my Squat day as my push assistance for this template anyway today. Happy surprise to manage 5 sets of 10.

One question for you and those who have done this regularly before.
I felt some tightness in my sternum in later reps, not pain though. Is this normal or perhaps a form/depth issue. I’m pretty sure I was stopping just above upper arms parallel to the ground so wouldn’t think it was to deep.

He does indeed, I can only guess that this to prevent form issues causing problems when you could use something else instead.

I was under the impression he doesn’t take new members for that currently, is it possible to join?

I’ve run it and suggest you start light with the lower body assistance during the first cycle. The volume at first was a little rough for me but I started pretty light and adapted pretty fast. You can push the weight in later cycles.

I’ll take your word for it, but that’s not what Forever says.

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Don’t paste an image of a copyrighted book.

The goal should be 10 reps per set. If you cannot get 10 reps per set it doesn’t mean you can’t do the program. I think for the DB Squat and DB SLDL I agree - no less than 10 per set. But if you cannot get 10 reps per set you’re using too heavy of a dumbbell(s). If you can’t do 10 chins, find a DB you can row on an incline bench for 10 reps and start there. Same for dips and/or = DB incline press. If you want to do chins and can’t do 10 reps per set, you can still do fucking chins, just lower the set to what you can do and finish it up at the end. So if the goal for the workout is 50-60 chins and you can only do 5 per set, do 6x5 as prescribed, and then do another 5-6 sets of 5 at the end of the workout. You should still shoot for a goal in finishing the lifting in 45 minutes.

Nevermind, OP just do what you want. That’s what everyone does anyway.


I’m almost done with it. I like it quite a bit, and have seen definite size and strength gains. I would suggest:

  1. Go easy on assistance in the first cycle. Think of the first 3 weeks as a nice ease in, and don’t be overly anxious. The program will soon ramp up.
  2. The rest of the time, really push assistance. This is written in the book, but it’s definitely the key to the program IMO. I do weighted pull-ups +25 lbs (6x10), DB squats with 90 lbs, and also push the other assistance (I don’t want to give away all the assistance here). This makes it very hard during the second phase, where you bring up the supplement lifts.
  3. Don’t overdo anything else. I have had a couple weeks where I played soccer 2X and did a 5 mile run, and that was too much during Phase 2.
  4. Do mobility every day. It doesn’t take long, but you will be tight and sore from the program.
  5. Don’t forgot face pulls/pull aparts. Do some of these for each session, because you do some kind of pushing each day.

I’ll post a summary when I finish up in a couple weeks. On Monday I did BP 225 8 times, which is a PR for me (I’m 44 and 170 lbs). This was after doing many rounds of DB squats and other hard assistance by that point in the workout, too, and my past PR was 7 when I had been much fresher.

Appreciate all the info here sir!

Will ease in, before pushing the assisstance, doubt I’ll quite be doing 25lb pulls just yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but hopefully not too long to get there.

I train martial arts, but it’s only once a week for the summer and technical not physical mostly.
Will up the Yoga and Agile 8, limb 11 etc. Face pulls/ pull aparts always, at least one of them 5 days a week,

Quick question for Krypteia- for the dumbbell squats, are those done with a dumbbell in each hand outside the legs or a single dumbbell at the chest (goblet style)? thanks

It’s goblet style. I was confused too, but Jim explains it in the accessory work section of the book.

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I ran the prep phase exactly as written in Forever. I’m now running a bastardized version of phase 2. I’m old and I’ve been lifting for a long time so I figure I’ve earned the right. I really enjoy super setting the lifts. It just feels right and it’s very economical. My only advice is to start light or it will catch up to you fast.

You’re reply was probably the only significant one of them all lol

And yours was probably the least significant. Lol