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[Picture of an old, experienced T-Nation brother always helpful motivation... awesome.]

Thought it would be interesting for people to quote the biggest, most experienced guys here on T-Nation and why you thought that piece of information was so important to you and how it helped or what it made you realise.

The usual guys apply like C_C, Professor X, WaylanderXX, MODOK, but try and also think of the guys that may have done things well and produced great results in terms of what they look like aesthetically not just size wise ie. The Mighty Stu, New Damage etc.

I'll begin:

Interesting thoughts on training frequency and the benefits of using it to get stronger, faster, so long as youve recovered. Why wait till the next week to hammer your muscle when it was already recovered 3 days before that?

Like X usually is, straight, simple and to the point. Recently ive started training with someone who outweighs me by 20lbs (could have been 40lbs had he not decided to cut) and ive had some of the best workouts ive ever, in addition to new training ideas and the notion of keeping things simple and not being caught up in excess information.

Feel free to add. The more information, the more everyone learns.


Brandon Curry....

Too bad he got run off the boards by a bunch of obnoxious dickheads - would have been nice to have this guy around now.


I believe it would be more correct to say that he doesn't post here anymore because his contract with a certain supplement company prohibits it.




Here, I don't want you to feel lonely, you're not the only T-Nation Stalker you know:

That one pretty much explains itself...Keep things simple...
And a couple from Prof. X, one being a bit more general advice:

This gave me a real nice kick in the ass right when I needed it.

This is essentially why I believe that bulking is better than "slow-gaining" for most with major goals. It helped me realize that.


Don't get me wrong, those people were fuckwits. But i think its a little naive to think thats why he left these forums.


Thanks man, i appreciate it :slightly_smiling: and those are some good quotes. One of my problems was paralysis by analysis and thinking there must be some other way. Now... im just eating to gain a pound a week for a couple of years, back off a little or adjust the carbs/cals, then continue, whilst lifting progressively heavier weights, thats it. 300lbs here i come.