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Advice From Out of Shape Friends


Lately my friends ( more like people I know) have noticed I have been putting on some muscle. It seems all the fat and out of shape people want to give me usefull tips on how to do it better, or warn me of what I am doing wrong.

  • Eat chicken breasts 3 times a day
  • Here is a good routing to get big muscles
  • I have a friend that got HUGE doing this exercise.
    Then it gets negative
  • Wait until you stop and it all turns to fat
  • Eating that many eggs will ruin your cholestrol
  • I used to workout until I got injured, You will get there too

The list goes on and its annoying, but I just bite my tongue and either say "Thats cool" or "That sucks".
Anyone else get these kinds of words of wisdom from the fat and lazy people in your lives?


Oh and I just got this one today
- Dont start beating your wife from the ROID RAGE! (I literally copied and pasted that sentence from them)

I took it as a compliment :slightly_smiling:


"Don't start eating your wife alive coz u ran out of cookies" and smile :wink:


I say, who needs roid rage?


When i get negative comments like that I'll usually just try to load the guy up with facts on how not to get injured working out, or if i dont like the guy i just call him a bitch for giving up working out and I'm not a bitch then i'll do a barrel roll and gtfo of there.


Don't get bigger, you look fine now.


"what you're saying isn't true, my fitness instructor told me..."


Personally, I'd tell the fat people to go eat a twinkie and shut the fuck up.


Isn't the same true of most endeavors though? Friends always have similar things to say about any subject.


I take cookies and cinnamon rolls to work all the time and just leave them on our team room table. I am Satan.


I've got an aunt and uncle who are incredibly out of shape (not just physically on the outside, but lots of self-inflicted health problems on the inside too) that LOVE to tell me all about how bad it is to eat too much protein, lift heavy weights, etc.

The reason why they think they're experts? Because my aunt's sister teaches Tae Kwon Do.....


Honestly, do these people think humans evolved to sit on their asses and eat crap? We were built to eat meat, lift rocks, tackle whooly mammoths and shit.


In a world that even the word Testosterone draws negative connotations is this surprising?


I don't look like I'm all that strong, I'm just getting cut. Still, a lot of people have noticed that I'm losing a bunch of fat, and are trying to offer up tons of useless advice to me. The most common thing seems to be "lots of cardio" and some fasted cardio in the morning. One lady friend of mine also told me that I need to be taking tons of laxatives, since that's "the only effective way to lose weight."

I really wish people would shut the hell up about things they know nothing about. It's bad enough when some dumbass in the gym comes up and tells me that deadlifts are going to "kill my back" and that I should be using machines.


haha amen


You should tell them that you supplement bill is less than their prescription co-pay.

I hate it when fucking type II diabetics try to criticize the way I eat or exercise. I think "You know what bitch? Even nature has gone out of it's way to tell you that you're a lazy sack of shit with no self-control by making you PISS SYRUP."


I was talking to a friend about soy protein and I didn't want to get preachy but I told her she should do some research on it and that there was some evidence that it could be harmful. She's an intelligent woman and I know that she will look into it so I left it at that.

The problem was, a friend of hers overheard me. So the friend asked me what kind of protein I use if I don't use soy. I told her that I use whey protein. Her response:

"You shouldn't use whey protein, it'll make your body hold onto fat and you'll gain weight."
blank stare
"No seriously, you'll get fat if you keep using whey protein."

At that I just laughed, and I think the realization that I weigh about 100 pounds less than her struck her at that moment and she just turned and walked away quickly.


Doesn't is make you wonder where some of these people get all this 'advice' from.


Please note: just because we are built to tackle whooly mammoths is not an excuse to bang fat chicks. That is all.


What do you know, I too have an aunt and uncle like that. Several I believe. In fact I'm pretty sure everyone I know who trains does as well. Ignorance is ubiquitous :smiley: