Advice from a Fighter Pilot or Anyone Who Can Help Me

Hey guys
Hope you all doing fine so i’m new here
i’m going straight to the point
i’m willing to join the air force but i’m afraid that i can’t handle the g-force of the aircraft and i won’t be accepted so i started to do some traying and workouts but i don’t know if what i’ doing is right to help me improve my G-tolerence
so is there any one that can help me please respond :slightly_smiling
and thnx

I can ask someone for you, but why do you think you will have a problem with G Force?

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You could get dropped for any of hundreds of reasons not just G-force tolerance. If you want to do it, do it. Don’t go looking for excuses to talk yourself out of it.

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Exactly. Just apply. Have you had an experience with losing conciousness while experiencing mild G forces or something? Your concern is pretty random and specific.

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it’s not that i think but i just wanna be ready cause as far as i’ve known it’s the only thing that can possiby stop me from being a fighter pilot please i’m looking forward your answer :smiley:

yeah i sir i know i’ve already dropped college to do it so i’m now preparing myself physically and mentally that’s why i wanna know how to prepare for that :slight_smile:

no i didn’t and i don’t have much knowledge about G-force , all i know is that i can with god will of course pass all other test so i wanna be ready for G-force test too

I am assuming this is a legit question: G-tolerance is a matter of practice and timing. Like everything else there is really no such thing as a natural. You need learn to squeeze your legs and butt at the right time in a flight maneuver at the same time a pilot is doing a million other things. The contractions need to last from 5-10 seconds depending on the maneuver and should be initiated just before. The pilot needs to be able to squeeze the legs and butt, but be relaxed enough to use the hands and feet.

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And fyi…just because you join the air force doesn’t mean your going to be a fighter Pilot…Please! never listen to a recruiter, they make lawyers seem honest.

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The pilot I spoke with reiterated what Wanting has already mentioned here. A lot of it is preventing the blood from pooling in your lower body, so contracting all the muscles from your abs to toes goes a long way. The distance between your heart and brain factors in, as does your general fitness. Having said that, he stated short pudgy guys who smoke and have high-normal blood pressure tolerate G force really well.

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i know thnx for your help i know about agsm can youhelp me with atraining workout cause i’ve heard that jogging swiming abd weight liftin can help but i also heard that i must not skip the limits cause if i become much of an athlet my heart won’t respond when i do agsm cause it has the habit to high intensity workout

can you ask him of a program of workout i can follow or , please i really approciate your help

If you dropped out of college you aren’t going to be a fighter pilot.

Rahim, What country’s Air Force are you joining?

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Lol, I forget people post outside the U.S. as well…

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algeria :smiley: they only requires bac (it’s also exist in europe ) u get it when u get out of high school
i studied one year computer science

There isn’t a fighter pilot workout. Your best bet is to follow a decent weight training program with some conditioning and running. Running is guaranteed in any military PT program.

Lift weights 3 times a week and do some conditioning work at the end of your workout. Do some running 3 times a week. I don’t know what Algerian military standards are, but you should figure out what you are expected do performance wise.

I’ve seen fighter pilots with body types between 5’6" and 6’2" from skinny to well muscled. If you want to be a fighter pilot, apply, train hard, and see what happens.

Good luck.

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thank you sir :smiley: i really approciate all ur help and thnx to all who respond


I agree with 423, I can’t believe that they don’t want you to have a college degree anywhere in the world to be a competitive pilot candidate. Rahim you need to realize that there only the top 1% so make sure that you are not listening to a recruiter at all. Unless you have some “inside” track, then you need to have a good back up plan.

In terms of training, the goal obviously is to have strong legs and Butt. More than that, you need to learn to squeeze them very hard but still breath and focus on other things. I would suggest negative squat training. Light weight, super slow negatives; 30 seconds with most of the time in the last quarter of the movement. This will teach you to contract, breath and focus on form.

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