Advice for Young Wrestler

I’m doing a case study and wondering if you could help me with any extra training techniques or nutritional advice?
Chris, 14, 120 pounds, is a high school student and is eager to gain some muscle mass. He eats a diet that consists primarily of processed foods (fast food, cafeteria, etc.) Chris is anxious to get stronger so that he can go out for the wrestling team.

Thank you for any help!

IMO with what you gave nail the basics. Fix the diet dont go crazy just have him switch to real food. As a primary source even three Good meals of real food .

Nail consistent Basic resistance training and LOTS and LOTS and lots of specific work. Sure wieghts will help but if he wants to be a great wrestler he needs to wrestle a LOT

Be consistent with both those and well it’ll go a long way


I’m 17, and a high school wrestler, and i wrestled 119, but now i weight like 124. All though, not sure you want to gain weight if it’s the on season, since you’ll be DQ, but i stick to body-weight. But, if it’s the off season then go all for it.

But, i personally don’t know much about body building, atleast compared to like 99% of these guys, just thought i’d mention that, so i’ll let them tell you about that.

Have him check out Joe DeFranco’s website, He trains alot of high school and college wrestlers. Also, shoot a PM to Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson, they both can help you out.