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Advice for Weight Training for Sports

Sup guys, i’ve been weight training since I was around 17 years old and I am now 22
I’ve started playing indoor soccer and ball hockey on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s and i’m trying to figure out what kind of weight training I can do while playing these sports. I was looking at an article on TNation called High Performance Training (HPT) and wondering if that would be a good one to follow thanks!

Look up westside for skinny bastards or 531 for athletes; both work really well.

It’s not a bad template. Depends on your ability to implement it properly, like most things. Regardless of what template you end up using, my best advice is to focus on your hamstrings and focus a lot of energy on single leg work while in the sport season. You want to make sure your stabilizers are kept strong and balance is enforced. You also want to realize that soccer players tend to have extremely weak hamstrings comparatively, and that this can predispose them to injury.

Not to say avoid squats and deadlifts and such, just make sure you’re not minimizing single leg work. It can help keep you healthy.

Im a semi-pro soccer player and I run 5/3/1. I lift twice a week. Keep it simple and short. You want to be strong, not big.

Uncle Bird.


Power cleans are good all rounders. Squats, lunges, woodchoppers and variations, Bulgarian split squat, 1-5 reps, 85%+ of 1RM