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Advice for Weight Loss Supp Stack/Clen

I would like opinions and thoughts about a my weight loss stack.

I am 29 255lb male who is looking lose an additional 20-30 lb by Nov. I am planning on surgery in Nov for gyno so I need to be as lean as possible. I have so far dropped 100lb using diet and exercise as well as these supplement.

Vitamin D 5000 IU
Yohimbe 500mg capsule 2/day
Lysine 1500mg
Lypo-somal vitamin C 1000mg
Vit b12 complex
Allmax BCAA 2/day

In addition to these supplements I am prescribed adderall 15 mg 2/day for ADHD.

I am going to add Indigo-3G to the mix tomorrow.

Sometime soon my trainner is going to get me a clen cycle so when I’m ready to start that I’m going to drop the addrall and yohimbe.

Is there something I am missing in this mix? Also does anyone have any info about possible interactions with these supplements and clen?

Thanks for your insight :slight_smile:

Stay on the meds you’re Doc prescribes and forget clen, really overatted…

For maximum fatloss check out some of Alphas logs. Swapping yohimbe with HOT-ROX also something to consider