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Advice for Upcoming Transformation

I just wanted to start by saying that I have been reading this forum for quite a while and it has been a huge part in my lifestyle change. After getting on a scale and seeing 290 lbs, I knew I had to change. I am now at 193 lbs thanks to the great articles and threads on this forum. I am very close to my weight-loss goal and I am planning my new diet and weight lifting program. (I am 6’1’’ by the way)

My first question is concerning my calorie intake. I have used an equation found on this site which takes my BMR (2051) and multiplies it by the average daily level of activity (1.5). I get 3077 for a total. Now after adding 300-500 calories to be in a surplus, would that be too many calories? Any recommendations on how much I should have?

I see conflicting numbers for how many carbs a person with my history should be taking in each day. I plan on going low but my question is how many grams is optimal? Should I stick with 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight as well?

I’ll be using the Starting Strength program and doing 20 minute HIIT cardio sessions 2 - 3 times a week on days I don’t lift.

Congratulations on your progress so far!

It’s always better to use your own daily calorie burn if you know it. I would assume if you lost that much weight you know how many calories you were eating to lose, and therefore what your current maintenance is? If not, figure out your maintenance by trial and error, tracking your intake and adjusting till you are maintaining your weight. Then, I would recommend getting in more of your above-maintenance calories, and carbs, in the workout/PWO period, for both lifting and HIIT cardio since you will have better insulin sensitivity in muscle at that time. The longer it has been since exercise, the less muscle and more fat you will gain from the surplus calories.

I can’t give an exact answer for grams of carbs, or how big a surplus will work for you. However, you can figure it out for yourself, and you will figure it out faster if you eat and train in a very systematic way.

Props on the very good work so far ! ! !

As a general guideline, yes, start 500 kcals above maintenance and 1,5-2 gr of proteins per lbs. Every week, evaluate progress, and make adjustements as needed. Don’t be too carbophobic, especially in pre-WO and post-WO meals/shakes.

Welcome to T-Nation!

Thanks a lot for the great advice guys! I am, for the most part, losing 2 pounds a week so I will add 1000 calories to my daily intake and call that my maintenance and just bump up 500 from there to start.

How does this look for a lifting day:

Breakfast - 510
3 Whole Eggs - 210
1 Egg White - 20
2 Slices of Turkey - 60
2 Slices Light Toast - 140
1 Glass Milk - 80

Snack - 430
Protein Shake - 280
Banana - 130
Fish oil - 20

Lunch - 495
Lean Hamburger Patty - 180
Light Bun - 80
Almonds - 160
1 Glass Milk - 80

Snack - 450
Protein Shake - 280
EVOO - 170

Dinner - 595
2 Lean Hamburger Patties - 360
Light Bun - 80
Corn on the Cobb - 155

Snack - 240
Milk - 80
Cottage Cheese - 160

For a grand total of 2720 Calories

An option you may consider, is exchanging all the buns for a good serving of vegetables. Not really elegant and I know and some people like sandwiches, but you will be getting a great deal more fiber and nutrition. This a good place to start picking vegetables from if you are not used to buying/preparing them:

I’m not a fan of lunch meat, due to low protein content. Just cook up some ground turkey, beef, or chicken breast, and mix it in w/ your eggs. I bought a little cutting board I’ll use to chop up some chicken or beef from steak, if I didn’t get it ground, and mix it in w/ my eggs. I have found that starting out my day w/ a high protein meal, regardless if I am eating it w/ carbs or fats or a mix, helps more than anything w/ body composition when in a positive energy balance. This is compared to just eating primarily eggs for breakfast, which I did for the longest time, and only turned out to be ~30 g of protein.

Then take all the carbs from the bread and move them to your post workout meal. Oats, higher carb vegetables, even pasta or bread if you like.

Buy some london broils, its called top round if I recall correctly, some chicken breasts, and frozen/canned wild salmon too. Eating lean burger patties will get old after awhile. Canned salmon isn’t too bad w/ eggs either.

Add in a couple pieces of fruit to snack on from morning to early afternoon too.

You can mix a couple scoops of protein, maybe some peanut butter or almonds, w/ your cottage cheese before bed. An easier way to get some good fats in and up your calories a bit.

At 6’1" 191, I think you would be better off w/ more calories and more protein, especially if you are doing starting strength w/ some interval training. Experiment w/ the carbs at will, but I doubt you will get ‘fat’ w/ the training you are doing at a 3000-3500 kcal day or more, if the food is clean.

wow, nice progress mann, would you mind sharing how you did it?, i weight like 260, 6´0"