Advice for TRT Script?

Hey guys I’ll get right to the point and any help here would be appreciated. So about 4 years ago I had all the symptoms that come along with low testosterone but I was without insurance at the time so I decided to self administer. I’m 41 years old and I’m currently taking 100mg of text c once a week. I’ve experimented with the dosage and found that this is where I feel best at without gaining too much weight.

I even tried to stack some anavar with it but stopped because I didn’t like the results. I’m not trying to game the system I just wanted to feel better. Now I have insurance and was wondering if anyone has any advice on how I could/should go about getting a doc to prescribe trt instead of going the underground route? I realize it probably wasn’t the smartest approach but I was pretty desperate considering how terrible I was feeling. Thanks for any help.

Sounds as though you have not established with a primary. Regardless, I would be up front with whomever you see. Obviously, a TRT doctor would be ideal. Some TRT clinics advertise insurance coverage, though I suspect it’s just labs (likely partial at that) and an exam and the advertisements are simply ploys to get you in the door.

Try to get a referral from someone who has experience with the doctor and find one who at least does some TRT. That doctor will likely understand. A doctor with little or no TRT experience will probably not work with a patient with a illegally obtained anabolic steroid story. Good luck. At least the 100mg weekly dose shouldn’t be a problem.

You could always go a couple weeks without a shot and let your levels crash and get bloods from an endo. You wouldn’t feel great but it would be simple.

Maybe, but if he looks like he is on test and FSH and LH are <0.2, the guy would/should know he’s been on something.

You will more than likely be forced to stop TRT and prove you have low testosterone (<300 ng/dL) on two separate occasions if you want insurance to pay for your TRT.

If you score a 250 on the first set of labs and 301 on the second, sorry you don’t have low testosterone. It’s one big game to deny medical coverage.

Right on. Thanks guys. I’m worried about the insurance angle as well. I think I may make a consultation appointment at at TRT clinic and just lay it all out for them and see what they think. Hoping I don’t have to come off and crash before but if that’s what it takes I’ll do it

Please post an update once you give it a try. I’m in a similar situation…

Will do. I’m guessing the TRT clinic at worst will still be interested in monitoring my self-treatment and I’ll just continue running my dose at 100mgs a week with my ug brew and adjust as the labs see fit. I’m happy with how I feel Now but it would be nice to do everything under the supervision of a professional.

I imagine they see plenty of situations like yours, guys wanting to discontinue underground and proceed with medical supervision. Tell them what you are doing and how you are responding. They’ll run labs and take over, unless there is a reason not to or maybe try something else, which seems doubtful.

Insurance coverage is another story.

I have an idea, but don’t know if it will work. Stop the test and wait 2-3 weeks for levels to drop and hopefully you can test very low. Not sure If in US will test you for exogenous testosterone in such situation, here in Bulgaria this is too expensive and nobody will

I went from ugl to defy, I was upfront and didn’t need to crash. I provided pre and post blood work and had a physician examine me. I pay out of pocket though.

Yeah I’m willing to pay out of pocket because I really don’t want to involve my insurance. They look for any reason not to cover you. If it’s too expensive I’ll just pay for the labs every visit and if my numbers are good I’ll just keep buying my UG brew for cheap. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I’m sure the trt clinics have seen cases like mine many times. And when I walk in and they see I’m a regular looking guy and not overdosing on my own I’m thinking they’ll be pretty open to working with me. Thanks gents.

Of course they will be, as long as you pay

^ truth