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Advice for Torn Pec Surgery?



I just signed up because i wanted some adviced or if someone could share his experience with me.
I torn my pectoral doing bench press 2 months ago, i finally found a surgeon who know about it. In 5 days, i will get the surgery done, they will take a hamstring autograft and will do the recontruction of my pectoral tendon. The doctor said i shouldnt lose any strength but my tendon will be about 30% more fragile than the other side, and i could reinjure it.

I dont know if someone in the forum had a reconstruction of his pectoral tendon and what was the outcome? Strength/reinjured? Also i am worried about my hamstring, the doctor said i wont lose strength in my leg, but i read differents stories and some athletes were left with weakness in the hamstring.

Also any idea of what supplements i should take post surgery? I know it wont be magical but if it could help a little bit.

I do compete in jiu jitsu and i do powerlifting strength conditioning. My best BP was 180kg. Could i ever lift again this weight? Worrying now with my hamstring for the deadlift and squat…


Little update:
Ok i had a surgery, but when i woke up, i had the surprise to see 2 cuts in my left chest… Surgeon told me that there was a complete rupture of the deltoid :s and the pectoral was partially torn at the clavicular insertion and not the humeral insertion (weird)… he never saw that… Well he reattached both muscle at the calvicle using suture (he didnt need an auto graft). I got surgery on the 1st of december, and now im looking for some PT i could do at home, because i went to the PT here in Brazil and it sucks, they clearly dont know what they are doing… I tried to find some infos on google, but i didnt find any article about this injury… if someone has some infos to share about PT for this kind of injury it would be great :slight_smile:
I had a big “hole” in my left chest before the surgery and now i have a small hole but nothing compared as before, surgeon told me it was normal because of atrophy, i just hope it will be more symetrical after PT.