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Advice for Test Enanthate First Time User

Hello guys,

This is my second post. I have a 12 week test cycle of 250mg twice a week. I supplement with hCG. I used to take AI but from my previous post I found out it was unnecessary and too excessive of a dose; my biceps tendons were hurting from what I assume was lack of estrogen.

In any case, I have another question. I’m 21, male and I used to have a great physique but I gained some. I think I might be somewhat above 20% body fat. Got my bloodwork done, my test (free and total) are through the roof. I want to make the best of my last two months of test. I’m considering on going on a semi crash diet - right about where my BMR is if not lower @ 1600kcal/day (I’m 195-190lb, 5’6, years of weight lifting under the belt so I carry muscle mass too). Do you think it’s a good idea? I’m desperate to lose weight and I think this test I’m taking will preserve my muscle irregardless of how low of calories I eat. Typical cut would take me much longer, but with working out heavy 6 days a week, mild cardio every day and about 150g protein daily, do you think I could benefit from this? It sounds crazy but I only have 2 months of test left. After that I’m back to my normal levels of everything and I won’t be able to abuse my body’s ability to hold on to muscle etc.


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