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Advice for Test E/ Tren Cycle


I'm looking to do my second cycle and i'm thinking about implementing Tren into it. I do have a few concerns because i was running test 500 for 12weeks and got some gyno symptoms (puffy nipples) and i was running adex throughout as well. I was wondering if i should take letro before to counteract the sides and run an aromatase inhibitor throughout. I'm just not trying to risk anything side effects wises. Also should i be worried about libido with tren? I'm looking at something like this:

test E 500mgs wks 1-10
Tren E 250mgs wks 2-8
Adex .5mgs eo3days

Feed back would be appriciated


Get some Caber and run that with the tren. If you got gyno symptoms your AI dose was too low. E3D is not enough this doesn't cause stable levels. You need to dose EOD. Being that you only got puffy nipples and nothing more adjusting to EOD should be enough to take care of this. If you get puffy nipples again raise your dose and blast with Nolva to combat it.

You shouldn't have a problem though. E3D was leaving you with unstable levels of the drug and therefore not as effective. Also, .5 EOD dosing will be 50% more than you were taking before. I'd also recommend Tren A which you need to pin ED but you can drop quickly if you don't like it. E will take weeks to clear and you'll be in a bad spot if you don't like it.


Adex .5mg EOD
Get some prami or caber for the tren

IMO I'd run the tren no less than 400mg. 500-600 was the sweet spot for me, but that is me. If you can get tren ace you could do that if your worried about sides. The general Consensus is low test high tren will give less sides while high test high tren will give the most gains.

Tren is awesome btw. My libido was through the roof.


Tren at 200mg for 3 weeks fucked up my libido for about 3 months. Not to the point I couldn't get it up, but instead of masturbating 5-8 times per day, I did it maybe once in 2-3 days. I DIDN'T USE A DA, just to be clear on that. Also, I held a TON of water due to the tren.


I don't think you should use tren yet. It's only your second cycle. Why not do test only again? You should have good results with just test for your first couple. Then add deca or npp for your third. Or use orals. Absolutely no need to toss tren into a stack already.




You would have been in a lot better shape if you would have.


Agree and you could also find if doing the AI EOD fixes your problems...


Hey thanks guys i'm i'll switch up my AI to .5mg eod. What about the letro before i start to totally get ride of any previous systems of gyno? I've been thinking about increasing my tren does as well but with tren a whats a proper does to inject daily? . Hows this look:

Test E 500mgs wks 1--10
Tren A 500mgs wks 2-8
Adex .5mgs eod

The reason i want to run tren is because i'm trying to put on as much lean mass as i can and lower my bf% without holding water within a cycle and tren has the best profile for that. Especially with a clean diet and proper stack. I don't like the sides of deca and all the water retention and bloating. If you guys have any more advice for this cycle let me know, i'm open to opinions.


tren has essentially the best profile period. doesnt mean you need to use it yet. you can control the bloating and water rentention with proper diet and ai. You DO NOT need tren yet. You have 2 damn posts on this forum and look to be too young to even cycle.

How about listen to some of the guys who have been there and done this? You came looking for advice, but since its not what you want to hear, you toss it aside? Everyone wants to add lean mass and trim bodyfat while keeping off water and bloat. You think thats rare for you?

Also, even if you use tren, the proposed 500mg of each is too much. you realize tren is 5x as anabolic and 5x as androgenic as test right? Run test only again. If you so damn stubborn to take this advice, run anavar or npp with it. NPP is fast acting nandrolone, and will give you a taste for 19nor steroids. Anavar will give you the more veiny look with strength gains. IMO, anavar is an mild oral version of tren (in regards of visual results).

you say you dont like the sides from deca; however you havent ran it. Everyone reacts differently, you have no idea what sides or how your body would react.


Dont start the Tren Ace until week 3 atleast man its has a very quick build up of about 72 hours to be in full swing Test E is gonna be 3 weeks minimum I won't tell you to not run Tren as I love ot but this will keep you a bit more side free...

Week 1-3
Test E 500mg

Week 4-10
Test E 500mg
Tren Ace 500mg.

Also just a suggestion Tren is extremely strong especially Ace. If I was you I would consider running the Tren Ace at 50mg Daily and pushing it out to 8 weeks of use. Just my preference I prefer a slightly lower dose over a longer time.