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Advice for Summer

Just looking to see if anyone has any particular ideas or advice for my situation. So I just got done with another year of nursing school and because of the stress and time constraints of school, I have been at a standstill strength wise since this year started in August. I do 531 full body routines, right now doing the clean everyday version in his most recent book. So, during the summer should I do anything specific or different, knowing that come August my progress will potentially stop or I’ll become weaker?


Are you working out throughout the year? Why is progress stopping in August?

Your strategy shouldn’t focus on overloading to deal with no work in August but to see what you can fit in during the busy time

Excluding times where you are ill or someone close is seriously sick:
You can always fit in mobility work
You can always fit in power work (jumps/throws)
You should be able to fit in bodyweight work at home
You should be able to fit in a couple of hard running sessions
You should be able to fit in a bare bones session or two with barbells

Each day - mobility, 15 jumps/throw

Monday - 15 minutes running fast pace
Tuesday -Squat 5 pros/Bench DC
Wednesday - 30 minutes running slow pace/recovery style
Thursday - Bodyweight work
Friday - 20 minutes running moderate pace
Saturday - Deadlift 5 pros/Press 5 DC
Sunday - off

You should be able to squeeze each of those into 30 minutes (consider lowering your TM and focus on bar speed to move things along) - move thr days around as required and drop whatever you need to for your schedule but dropping work should be the exception not the rule.

I would really try work this out as it is an important skill to have as there will come a time where your schedule is always the way your august looks now.

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