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Advice for Strength Gains, Fat Loss?


Hello everyone! I'm looking for some feedback on my nutrition and supplementation balance. I'm 5-7 175 and about 19% BF. I weight train 5 times a week taking Sat and Sun off. M/W/F is the real heavy days, Smolov for front squats. T/Th. is supplemental exercises, incline bench press and either power clean or power snatches. This is what I typically have been eating for the last couple of weeks.

Below are Monday's details. After all said and done here is the breakdown using FitDay.com. My goals are simple if not lofty. Strength increases in all my lifts, the big three. I keep a detailed training log. Decrease my BF to low teens 13% by years end. Positive feedback on modifications to increase or decrease macronutrient amount, timing or frequency is welcomed.

7:00 AM Syntha-6 with 10oz. milk

8:00 AM Breakfast 2 hard cooked eggs with veggies.

10:00 AM Pre-workout Metabolic Drive Low Carb.

11:30 AM Training Surge Workout Fuel

12:30 PM Surge Recovery

1:30 PM Lunch 1 chicken breast with veggies

3:00 PM Snack 1 Pound (Butter) cake slice (Treat)

5:00 PM Training Cardio/Core (HIIT Type)

7:00 PM Diner 1 Chicken breast, 1 thigh, 1 salad (no dressing)

9:00 PM Pre-bed Syntha-6 with 10 oz. milk

Cals. 2425
Fat. 83.0g
Carbs. 185.0g
Proteins. 225.0g