Advice for Stopping Cycle Short

Just finished my 4th week of my first cycle, Test E@500mg/EW and Anavar@60mg/ED. I’m up 25 pounds already and my lifts are through the roof…however I may need to stop due to some personal matters.
Would I just taper down my arimidex to .25mg/EoD, start DAA week 5, start Clomid week 6@50/50/50/50, and start Recycle week 6?
Thanks for any input


I am not familiar with this situation.You probably wont have to run a full pct though. youve onlyy been on cycle for 4 weeks so your not that supressed. taper off like u mentioned…give yurself a week or two then run maybe half of your planned pct and see how u feel from there.

Not an expert but this is what I would do mate;

Stop the anavar, stop the test then then for two weeks from last pin take 0.25mg E3D of Adex then when 2 weeks is up and test will be out of your body run PCT clomid 100\50\50 for 3 weeks to be safe.